Endchain is a solution for global logistics

Endchain is a solution for global logistics - The problem of counterfeiting of goods is not new, there are already many fake items circulating today ranging from clothing, food, medicine, cosmetics and even electronic goods even though there are already many that are counterfeited. Many consumers are disappointed and so does the producers, they certainly suffer losses due to this problem. there are already many ways to solve this problem starting from the shipping level, to the stage of providing a unique code so that the item cannot be faked. But this method is old-fashioned, because fraudsters are even smarter they can do anything to gain benefit from selling or distributing fake items. 

Seeing the importance of resolving this problem, some people made a study and produced a brilliant concept that is Endchain. A supply chain that is directly connected with cryptocurrency technology. Make it free from forgery. 

Want to know what is Endchain read my article below. 
Endchain is a solution for global logistics
EndChain is a blockchain utility company that is waiting for a patent for their technology. Endchain focuses on bringing the mass adoption of global blockchain tracking. With cheap technology, people can use their technology. Broadly speaking, their technology is based on a combination of QR codes and Barcodes. They believe that with this technology there will be mass adoption by logistics companies around the world. Endchain technology does not use NFC chips, so it is clear that this is very cheap compared to other platforms, meaning that endchain does not only target large markets, but they will go directly to the middle and lower markets to solve logistical fraud problems. Newly developed startup companies will be able to use Endchain services, with the best service but cheaper. 

Not only that, Endchain also tries to maximize the potential of their platform, so there are no tokens that are not used. one of the big problems that exists in the crypto market is that the adoption rate of utility token by users is still too small. That's why endchain focuses on ensuring a crowded market by involving companies to buy endchain tokens. 

By using endchain it is clear that consumers will be satisfied because they get original goods, the company will also benefit from their sales. This provides the best solution for users and their investors. 

How the Endchain service works 
Endchain's QR code is very unique because it combines barcodes in QR codes. With this QR code, it makes easier for users to ask for a QR code because only one codes in the package. With Endchain's QR code it also makes it easier for other scanners that rely on old barcode technology will be able to scan barcodes. Thus, the EndChain QR code can work on all types of systems. An added benefit is that a single code could update any blockchain and any internal legacy system with a single scan. The aim is to reduce complexity while increasing efficiency. 
Endchain is a solution for global logistics
Currently Endchain is starting ICO to sell ENCN tokens, the ENCN token is an erc20 token created using Smartcontract ethereum technology. The function of the ENCN token is as a payment tool that will be used on Endchain's services. For those who want to join and buy their tokens, you can go directly to their official website. 

Here's Endchain's token details: 
  • Token Name: ENCN 
  • Token type: ERC20 
  • ICO Price: 0.2400 USD 
  • Soft cap: 4 000 000 USD 
  • Hard cap: 15 000 000 USD 
Funds collected during the ICO will be used for the development and operational costs of the Platform. 

Endchain will also use 2-4% of their revenue resulting from the profits to burn endchain tokens, so each year the total supply will continue to decrease. This will be very good for token holders because they will gain benefit from this. 

My conclusion about the Endchain Project: 
For me endchain is a good project, I like the way their services work. I think all of that is very realistic. For the patent itself, I don't pay much attention because in my opinion their technology is not too fantastic. But herein lies their superiority, endchain strives to make services that are cheap and reliable. If usually other companies make services to get big profits. but they are different, they take a very good approach and are worthy to be imitated by other companies. 

For those of you who want to find the latest information about this project, please visit one of the links below.


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