My Opinion and observation about the Humancoin project.

Greetings, you guys meet with me  again today. In the past few weeks I had rarely made a review of the ICO project because of my busy schedule  in the real world. when I have time, I will make an article about the Humancoin project according to my personal observations.

The Humancoin project is a revolutionary platform that transforms the philanthropic industry for good, which was specifically created to work in synergy with the e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets. Humancoin has an interesting thing, namely Proof of Charity mining protocol, where you can get rewards by donating. Even though the rewards you get are not compared to what you donate. But all of that is the appreciation of humancoin for you generous people. Rewards that can be obtained are Vouchers, Bonuses, Points and others that can be used in e-commerce in collaboration with the Humancoin project. In the future Humancoin will work with large e-commerce companies around the world such as Amazon, Airbnb,, and others. not only that they also plan to partner with airlines, cryptocurrency Exchanges, Game industry and entertainment and service businesses. Regardless of whether they operate with cryptocurrency or not.

I think the Humancoin Project is a very good breakthrough, where they uses Blockchain technology for Charity Platforms. Before this project existed, I had thought, why do developers only develop blockchain technology for something normal - usually there is no innovation. But after this project was present I finally found out that Blockchain would never run out of ideas to explore.

Humancoin is running the ICO and on this day precisely on October 24, 2018 they have collected $ 6,456,074 USD if calculated using ethereum they have collected 31,960 ETH (Rate 1ETH = $ 202).

31K ETH and that number can still be increased considering that their ICO still has 1 week left. I think 31K eth is a lot and in the current situation where the market price can't be guessed, such amount is already an extraordinary achievement. Many projects even seems to be difficult to raise funds above 1 million USD. So Humancoin is a lucky project that can achieve this result. That os the reason and sign that many are interested in this project.

Then what about Humancoin's popularity? many may wonder how popular this project is. so I find out about it. According to the website, the Humancoin website has a Global rating of 480,649 and 534,629 for the Russian rankings. For more details, see the picture below.

Rarely does a website that has just been launched for a few months can get an Alexa Rank, but Humancoin already achieve one, which means that many people has visited the Humancoin website even now. Maybe this evidence can show how popular this project is. for ratings you can conclude yourself, honestly I'm not too interested in discussing this. because almost all ICO Rating websites are not objective.

Discussing back to the Humancoin project, this project has the following advantages:
  • Blockchain solves the problem of trust by providing transparency, search, and security.
  • Donors can quickly donate to the world, monitor their spending online, receive benefits from platform partners.
  • The symbiosis of e-commerce and cryptocurrency will facilitate an increase in the number of donors. There is also the option to receive a "receipt" for each donation that will be used for tax reduction purposes depending on the tax jurisdiction of the donor.

Finally, is the Humancoin Platform effective for collecting donations?. We couldn't know that until their platform is released, but according to my prediction the Proof of Charity system might work. What is the reason ? the reason is simple because humans basically have a sense of humanity, but they have no interest in it because there is nothing that can move them. for such a reason, a system like this is made, humancoin hopes that by giving rewards to donors they may be more interested in donating their money to people in need.

If you want to find the latest information about the Humancoin project, you can visit one of the links below :
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