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Hi everyone, It's been a while since i write an ICO review?. Maybe you are wondering why I rarely write a review about an ICO project. The reason is because there are no good projects to review. But this time it's different, I got a suggestion from a friend to observe a project called Ingot Coin. The first time I saw, Ingot? strange name in my opinion. Moreover they have a concept that I think is less innovative. The concept is a Wallet, if you have followed the development of the ICO from the beginning of 2017, you must be tired of seeing a project like this. But despite all that, I saw something different from this project. To know what about this project that is different from my opinion , please read my article below. 
Blockchain is a technology that will continue to be developed. Many new technologies are generated from the blockchain network. The main reason why blockchain is becoming popular now is because its decentralization, transparency and cannot be changed or manipulated. Many companies are competing to integrate their platform with the blockchain network. One of them is INGOT COIN, a project that has a Multi function Wallet concept. Usually Wallet is only used to store your coins or tokens. But have you ever thought there was a wallet that could accommodate various kinds of altcoins in one place and have Digital bank services, Market Exchanges, Brokers, and ICO Accelerators. usually these features only exist on an Exchange market, but now like reverse Wallet that has features similar to Market Exchange. Or to put it simply an Exchange located in the All in One Wallet Platform. Here is few things i've write to make you more understand about INGOT COIN. 

INGOT COIN is the first integrated Wallet with Digital Bank, Broker, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All components are rolled into a single and complete ecosystem, which rewards token holders and consumers for using and contributing. INGOT COIN is a decentralized cryptocurrency that provides benefits and discounts in the ecosystem itself. The IC will be based on ERC20 technology. INGOT Coin (IC) aims to integrate the traditional financial industry with blockchain innovation by presenting a complete ecosystem that provides crypto access to all financial services. Its first all-inclusive ecosystem will be a pioneer in connecting the crypto universe with the traditional world today. Ecosystem IC includes: IC Wallets, Digital Bank IC, IC Brokers, IC Exchange, IC ICO Accelerator and Crypto IC Certifiers all under one umbrella connected by IC Community. 
Ingot Coin is not a newly introduced project anymore, since they have been around since May 2017. But it was just booming or viral a few weeks ago. The reason is simple because investors only know how much of their ICO income. although not officially notified by the Ingot Coin Developer. But there is a leak that says Ingot Coin has raised more than 40 million USD. Back to our previous topic, the reason why Ingot Coin is different. Ingots coins are different because of the features and services they provide for their users later. Maybe a Bank with Digital Bank support may be common, but if combined with Market Exchange. And ICO Accelerators. make this platform perfect. In the future, when the Ingot Coin Platform can be used, we don't have to bother to move our Token or coin, just to sell it. Just one click, we can sell it directly in our wallet without any hassle nor trouble. 

Below are the benefits that you can get if the Ingot Coin Platform is released:
  • You can trade in the internal Ingot Coin market with Crypto Vs Crypto pairs, Crypto vs Fiat, Fiat vs. Fiat, and others. 
  • An always active Digital bank support service for 24/7 
  • Wallet that can store all types of Altcoin. 
  • One-Stop-Shop to create an ICO. 
  • Guaranteed Ecosystem Environment. 
  • The best security, the reason this project was made is to eliminate the problem of wallet hackings that often happens. For this reason, a project called Ingot Coin was made. 
  • Fund Management, sometimes we are not careful in managing our Fund for that reason alone, Ingot Coin tries to give the best by creating a feature that can control your funds.
Currently Ingot Coin have entered the final phase of their ICO. if you are interested in this project maybe this is the right time to buy their tokens. 
For your information, Ingot Coin has partners that are pretty good. Perhaps of this reason this a lot of people who are interested in this project, here are some partners who joined the Ingot Coin project.

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