What is Databroker and why you should join this project

Hello, guy.. you guys meet with me again today, now I will discuss a project called Databroker DAO. the project is now on ICO which will end on May 26, 2018. In the event of ICO Databroker DAO, they will sell DTX tokens with a rate of 1 ETH = 4000 DTX (excluding purchase bonus). What is the function of the DTX token and also to what extent their ICO developments, read my article below ... 

DataBroker DAO is the first market to sell and buy Sensor data. With the Databroker Platform, it allows Data Sensors owners to take advantage of their Data. This will open up industrial development opportunities and make the use of sensor data much more effective. 

With the free market that focuses on trading the sensor data is expected to accelerate the development of industry in all fields. A company can use the sensor data they purchase from the DAO Databroker Platform to grow their business. 

Anyone know what is sensor data? 
From what I found in the DAO Databroker whitepaper, the sensor data outline is a collection of historical data from the use of IoT, usually sensor data generated from telecommunication companies, internet networks, or survey agencies. Or can be spelled out from the sensor data data generated from their subscriptions search history. companies engaged in products and services may use sensory data to promote their products and services or to develop their products or services according to the wishes and suggestions of customers contained in the sensor data. 

By using a smartcontract-based market in the blockchain ethereum network, DAO Databroker will create a Peer-to-peer market for trading sensor data. Through their gateway operator, the data sensor owner sells the data they collect for sale and the buyer can search the sensor data they want all the transactions will be done within the DAO databroker platform and the only means of payment on their platform is toke DTX. DTX token is a token created using smartcontrac ethereum. Which will be used as a means of payment.

Business opportunity and utility scenario of DTX token
If we want to know how big the business opportunity that exist in DAO Databroker project. we first need to know how important the sensor data that industrial progress in this IoT era. You might already knew the answer, that is very important. do you know how many companies exist around the world ?, there are approximately 1 million companies around the world including startup companies and also large companies and will continue to increase every year as the times progress. Imagine if 10% of the total companies that exist around the world to buy sensor data every year. How much is the total turnover of the DTX token? 

For more details see below: 
  • We conclude a sensor data valued at 4000 DTX and the total company in the world is 1 million (all of these are just my estimates) 
  • Then 10% of the total companies worldwide purchase sensor data in the DAO Databroker platform (100,000 companies) 
  • And lastly, these companies buy a sensor data each year. 
So we live count how many turns of token DTX per year and per day. 
100,000 x 4000 DTX = 400,000,000 DTX per year and an average of 1 million tokens per day that will spin across the Exchange market, And will continue to grow annually. 

(Keep in mind this again is only an estimate do not make this calculation as a benchmark but you can use for reference) 

If we draw conclusions from my calculations, buying a DTX token is a big advantage, because without having to contribute to the DAO Databroker platform we can benefit from a DTX Token exchange on the Market Exchange. 

Let us get back to the topic at hand. Now.. why we should join this project.? 
  1. Because the project is profitable and has a great business opportunity, you can see from my explanation above. 
  2. Because their ICO have a short duration, unlike other projects that can be up to 2 months or more. The DAO databroker ICO will conclude on May 26, 2018. 
  3. Different concepts with other projects. current projects that are deploying ICO have a concept that is almost similar to each other. Databroker is different although their basic concept is Marketplace but its function and purpose is different. 
  4. Positive ratings from some mainstream Websites such as ICObench, ICOrating, and so on. 
How about my review of this DAO databroker project, have you become interested in this project?. If you are interested you can visit one of the links below to find out the latest developments on DAO databroker project.

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