Reasons Why you Should To Buy XYO token

Hello everyone, meet with me again today. Today I will explain what is XYO Network project and why you should buy XYO tokens. Many projects are running ico but I recommend the XYO Network project. Because this project has a function that can be applied in all fields and certainly needed by the whole world. The main selling point of this project is Function, unlike other projects that are currently also selling token. The XYO Network project can be said to have a function not shared by other ico projects. soon the XYO network token sales will be completed. If you are still hesitant to participate, please read the article below. Because in this article, i will be discussing about XYO Network project and why you should buy XYO tokens.
Do you know what is the XYO token?
XYO is a token created by the XYO Network project using Smartcontrac Ethereum. The main function of the token of XYO is to know the location. Broadly speaking the XYO network project is like an application provided by an expedition company for their customers, so that they can track their packages where they arrive. Applications like this may already be commonly used in all fields of industry. But although it is common there are problems that can not be solved by the current system.
We take the example of an E-commerce, currently there are many E-commerce that exist throughout the world such as Amazon, Ebay and others - if in Indonesia are like Lazada or tokopedia. almost all E-commerce has features that can track the package of its customers. But there are still complaints about the packages they bought. The average of all complaints is to ask where their package is. Sometimes many packages can not be tracked by the system. For that required a system that can track where their package is located.

The second example, you know some of the many cases of theft or visible vehicles reported by vehicle rental services, every year vehicle rental companies have to lose millions of dollars because their vehicles are lost or stolen. The main cause of this problem is the lack of a maximum vehicle tracking system. Maybe for some people think GPS is a technology that can solve this problem. But the fact is that these losses are experienced by vehicle rental service companies.

The third example, have you ever been in plane? have you ever seen someone complaining about their lost luggage ? although there is already a system function to track passenger's luggage. The problem persists and is difficult to resolve because the airline company has trouble tracking it down.
Judging from the problem, experienced people eventually gathered to create a system that could overcome the problem and a project called the XYO Network was launched. A project that utilizes Blockchain technology to create a decentralized network created for the future. XYO network allows a smartcontrac to access the real world to determine an object is in a particular XY coordinate.

By using XYO Network Platform E-commerce , airline company, and vehicle rental service company. Could track where the existence of objects, packages or vehicles they have. With this system companies and their consumers have solutions to all the problems that exist today. E-commerce companies can guarantee consumers only pay a package that until is safely arrived to their home. Or airline companies can track where their passenger luggage is. A vehicle rental company can avoid losses that they previously continue to experienced. 

Then what is the reason why we should buy XYO tokens. 
  1. The ICO duration of the XYO Network project is only 4 days away, their token sales will end on May 20, 2018. If you want to follow a project and do not want to keep your funds too long. The XYO Network project is one of the projects you can choose from.
  2. Business opportunities, by reading my article above you must have understood the benefits of business opportunities in this XYO Network project. Many people need this system, and can be ascertained if their platform can be enjoyed by many people who will use this platform. My prediction 60% of XYO Network platform users are E-commerce consumers. Because of the view from my experience, that is always impatient to know already where the package that I bought.
  3. Already 1.4 billion more tokens XYO sold today, And that number continues to grow. If you are an investor looking fo profits. You already know what to do if you see a project that their token sales is crowded.
  4. Sales of transparent XYO tokens. If you want to see anyone who buys your token XYO you can go to their website directly. And you can see in the lower left corner a lot of Txid purchase XYO Token. Many ICO Projects only show the total amount of funds they get, but do you know who the investors are buying it ?. 
So how's with the reasons above, you believe now?. it seems yes, Buy XYO tokens now before their ICO is complete. If you want to find the latest information about this project you can visit one of the links below

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