CRYPTFUNDER is a Project that will change the point of view of ICO

Cryptfunder Is The Latest Breakthrough in Blockchain Technology and can be bigger than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Often new technologies arrive and change the way we live. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in the late 19th century, he illuminated the world. And we have not lived since. When the Wright brothers became the first to reach the flight at the turn of the last century, it changed the way we traveled the world. When the Internet became mainstream in the 90s, the whole world became connected. And now a new technology has arrived that will once again change the way we live and shake up institutions like banks and governments to the point when doing it. If you think Bitcoin and Ethereum have rocked the world, you need to prepare yourself for what will happen next. This new breakthrough is set to be larger than the two combined. This will change the lives of millions of people everywhere in the world and enter an untapped market, each worth over $ 11 trillion annually.

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Cryptfunder is an ICO that seeks to provide a funding platform for the crypto community. Other startups ICOs and blockchain companies can also take advantage of the platform to fund their projects.

About Of Cryptfunder
As a platform, Cryptfunder developers and makers of course in their platform development have a goal, both for their development as well as for clients who use this platform. One of the main objectives is to generate value for their token holder by providing ICO and opportunities to succeed through various services in Cryptfunder. The most important thing for them is persistence and identification process. So as to maximize the results that can be trusted, accurate, and foster the trust of various parties. Especially for developers.

Various stages of development in these startup ICOs will be critically looked at for viability. Funds will be laser targeted at disruptive projects that break the established mold with the potential to deliver stratospheric results for token holders.

Cryptfunder will act to provide seed capital at a crucial phase of pre-ICO launch. The tokens will be acquired at a discounted rate and funding will help guide the ICO through its developmental stages. This will, in turn, provide value for Cryptofunder participants.

Cryptfunder main goal is to generate value for their token-holders by providing ICOs with the means and opportunity to succeed via Cryptofunders platform. A very important aspect for them is the diligence and vetting process which try to avoid maximizing the number of trustworthy, being more rigorous, and increasing the quality of onboard candidates.

There are many tokens that Cryptfunder platform developers offer to the various loving parties while using this platform in their daily lives. Of course, this is the thing and the happiest news. Especially for the users. Obviously, this is the most lucrative offer and worth your try as well as you praktikan. Who knows you get a lot of bonus profits.


Cryptfunder will fund startup ICO's and other blockchain companies in exchange for deeply discounted, pre-ICO or other tokens. Funding using Cryptfunders methods will present a myriad of top picks in the blockchain ICO arena and we endeavor to outperform most preset standards.

The Cryptfunder performance module will be our unique method of displaying the CFND token and the CF30 token portfolio capitalization, individual token holdings and net growth gains to our token participants and holders. The Performance module will appear on our public website for easy visibility and transparency.

Cryptfunder will establish a token portfolio of 30 of the best tokens, a mixture of top, mid and low market cap tokens representing some of the best potentials for growth, stability and long term gains. This portfolio will back the Cryptfunder token CFND and only serve to increase the token value and capitalization.

Advantages Of Cryptunder

The major benefit is Cryptofunder will provide best assessment by negotiating large amounts of discounted tokens in exchange for funding in the form of cryptocurrency directly to the startup ICO. Because the suggested producs are already developed, it can be implemented as soon as the funding has been raised.

Furthermore, the platform will provide adequate and necessary financing for projects that deserve the light of day, building a reputation inside and outside the company for the implementation of block chains.

Finally, being able to receive massive quantities of highly discounted tokens, in many cases pre-ICO, is the benefit in which Cryptfunder has been built. This substantial foundation will serve to secure the future of Cryptfunders as well as the future of our chip holders as we progress in the post-ICO environment.
ICO Information
  • Official Website & ICO Launch: Cryptfunder Website
  • Official Bounty Thread: Cryptfunder Bounty
  • ICO Launches: May 25th, 2018 9pm UTC
  • ICO Duration: 45 days, Ending July 8th, 2018 9pm UTC
  • Bonuses: 1 round and 4 bonus stages
  • Softcap: $2M
  • Hardcap: $40M or Max Tokens Sold
  • Token Total Supply: 40,000,000
  • Token ICO Supply: 20,000,000
  • Token Symbol: CFND
  • Token Value: Pegged to Ethereum, 0.003 Eth per token (ie: 1 token=.003 eth)
  • Equivalent Value: 1 Ethereum = 333.33 tokens (without bonuses)
  • Token Purchase: Ethereum (eth) / Bitcoin (btc).
Cryptfunder is a project that will change the world. Like a lightbulb found by Thomas Alva Edison, or a Wright brothers who can make a plane. So before it's too late buy CFND tokens immediately. If you do not want to have the same fate as when bitcoin rocks the world.

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