CRYPTFUNDER is a Project that will change the point of view of ICO

Cryptfunder Is The Latest Breakthrough in Blockchain Technology and can be bigger than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Often new technologies arrive and change the way we live. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in the late 19th century, he illuminated the world. And we have not lived since. When the Wright brothers became the first to reach the flight at the turn of the last century, it changed the way we traveled the world. When the Internet became mainstream in the 90s, the whole world became connected. And now a new technology has arrived that will once again change the way we live and shake up institutions like banks and governments to the point when doing it. If you think Bitcoin and Ethereum have rocked the world, you need to prepare yourself for what will happen next. This new breakthrough is set to be larger than the two combined. This will change the lives of millions of people everywhere in the world and enter an untapped market, each worth over $ 11 trillion annually.

if you Want to know what is Cryptfunder ?, see my article Below

Cryptfunder is an ICO that seeks to provide a funding platform for the crypto community. Other startups ICOs and blockchain companies can also take advantage of the platform to fund their projects.

About Of Cryptfunder
As a platform, Cryptfunder developers and makers of course in their platform development have a goal, both for their development as well as for clients who use this platform. One of the main objectives is to generate value for their token holder by providing ICO and opportunities to succeed through various services in Cryptfunder. The most important thing for them is persistence and identification process. So as to maximize the results that can be trusted, accurate, and foster the trust of various parties. Especially for developers.

Various stages of development in these startup ICOs will be critically looked at for viability. Funds will be laser targeted at disruptive projects that break the established mold with the potential to deliver stratospheric results for token holders.

Cryptfunder will act to provide seed capital at a crucial phase of pre-ICO launch. The tokens will be acquired at a discounted rate and funding will help guide the ICO through its developmental stages. This will, in turn, provide value for Cryptofunder participants.

Cryptfunder main goal is to generate value for their token-holders by providing ICOs with the means and opportunity to succeed via Cryptofunders platform. A very important aspect for them is the diligence and vetting process which try to avoid maximizing the number of trustworthy, being more rigorous, and increasing the quality of onboard candidates.

There are many tokens that Cryptfunder platform developers offer to the various loving parties while using this platform in their daily lives. Of course, this is the thing and the happiest news. Especially for the users. Obviously, this is the most lucrative offer and worth your try as well as you praktikan. Who knows you get a lot of bonus profits.


Cryptfunder will fund startup ICO's and other blockchain companies in exchange for deeply discounted, pre-ICO or other tokens. Funding using Cryptfunders methods will present a myriad of top picks in the blockchain ICO arena and we endeavor to outperform most preset standards.

The Cryptfunder performance module will be our unique method of displaying the CFND token and the CF30 token portfolio capitalization, individual token holdings and net growth gains to our token participants and holders. The Performance module will appear on our public website for easy visibility and transparency.

Cryptfunder will establish a token portfolio of 30 of the best tokens, a mixture of top, mid and low market cap tokens representing some of the best potentials for growth, stability and long term gains. This portfolio will back the Cryptfunder token CFND and only serve to increase the token value and capitalization.

Advantages Of Cryptunder

The major benefit is Cryptofunder will provide best assessment by negotiating large amounts of discounted tokens in exchange for funding in the form of cryptocurrency directly to the startup ICO. Because the suggested producs are already developed, it can be implemented as soon as the funding has been raised.

Furthermore, the platform will provide adequate and necessary financing for projects that deserve the light of day, building a reputation inside and outside the company for the implementation of block chains.

Finally, being able to receive massive quantities of highly discounted tokens, in many cases pre-ICO, is the benefit in which Cryptfunder has been built. This substantial foundation will serve to secure the future of Cryptfunders as well as the future of our chip holders as we progress in the post-ICO environment.
ICO Information
  • Official Website & ICO Launch: Cryptfunder Website
  • Official Bounty Thread: Cryptfunder Bounty
  • ICO Launches: May 25th, 2018 9pm UTC
  • ICO Duration: 45 days, Ending July 8th, 2018 9pm UTC
  • Bonuses: 1 round and 4 bonus stages
  • Softcap: $2M
  • Hardcap: $40M or Max Tokens Sold
  • Token Total Supply: 40,000,000
  • Token ICO Supply: 20,000,000
  • Token Symbol: CFND
  • Token Value: Pegged to Ethereum, 0.003 Eth per token (ie: 1 token=.003 eth)
  • Equivalent Value: 1 Ethereum = 333.33 tokens (without bonuses)
  • Token Purchase: Ethereum (eth) / Bitcoin (btc).
Cryptfunder is a project that will change the world. Like a lightbulb found by Thomas Alva Edison, or a Wright brothers who can make a plane. So before it's too late buy CFND tokens immediately. If you do not want to have the same fate as when bitcoin rocks the world.

I've put a lot of stuff into my articles this time. If you want to find information about Cryptfunder project you can visit the link below :

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Reasons Why you Should To Buy XYO token

Hello everyone, meet with me again today. Today I will explain what is XYO Network project and why you should buy XYO tokens. Many projects are running ico but I recommend the XYO Network project. Because this project has a function that can be applied in all fields and certainly needed by the whole world. The main selling point of this project is Function, unlike other projects that are currently also selling token. The XYO Network project can be said to have a function not shared by other ico projects. soon the XYO network token sales will be completed. If you are still hesitant to participate, please read the article below. Because in this article, i will be discussing about XYO Network project and why you should buy XYO tokens.
Do you know what is the XYO token?
XYO is a token created by the XYO Network project using Smartcontrac Ethereum. The main function of the token of XYO is to know the location. Broadly speaking the XYO network project is like an application provided by an expedition company for their customers, so that they can track their packages where they arrive. Applications like this may already be commonly used in all fields of industry. But although it is common there are problems that can not be solved by the current system.
We take the example of an E-commerce, currently there are many E-commerce that exist throughout the world such as Amazon, Ebay and others - if in Indonesia are like Lazada or tokopedia. almost all E-commerce has features that can track the package of its customers. But there are still complaints about the packages they bought. The average of all complaints is to ask where their package is. Sometimes many packages can not be tracked by the system. For that required a system that can track where their package is located.

The second example, you know some of the many cases of theft or visible vehicles reported by vehicle rental services, every year vehicle rental companies have to lose millions of dollars because their vehicles are lost or stolen. The main cause of this problem is the lack of a maximum vehicle tracking system. Maybe for some people think GPS is a technology that can solve this problem. But the fact is that these losses are experienced by vehicle rental service companies.

The third example, have you ever been in plane? have you ever seen someone complaining about their lost luggage ? although there is already a system function to track passenger's luggage. The problem persists and is difficult to resolve because the airline company has trouble tracking it down.
Judging from the problem, experienced people eventually gathered to create a system that could overcome the problem and a project called the XYO Network was launched. A project that utilizes Blockchain technology to create a decentralized network created for the future. XYO network allows a smartcontrac to access the real world to determine an object is in a particular XY coordinate.

By using XYO Network Platform E-commerce , airline company, and vehicle rental service company. Could track where the existence of objects, packages or vehicles they have. With this system companies and their consumers have solutions to all the problems that exist today. E-commerce companies can guarantee consumers only pay a package that until is safely arrived to their home. Or airline companies can track where their passenger luggage is. A vehicle rental company can avoid losses that they previously continue to experienced. 

Then what is the reason why we should buy XYO tokens. 
  1. The ICO duration of the XYO Network project is only 4 days away, their token sales will end on May 20, 2018. If you want to follow a project and do not want to keep your funds too long. The XYO Network project is one of the projects you can choose from.
  2. Business opportunities, by reading my article above you must have understood the benefits of business opportunities in this XYO Network project. Many people need this system, and can be ascertained if their platform can be enjoyed by many people who will use this platform. My prediction 60% of XYO Network platform users are E-commerce consumers. Because of the view from my experience, that is always impatient to know already where the package that I bought.
  3. Already 1.4 billion more tokens XYO sold today, And that number continues to grow. If you are an investor looking fo profits. You already know what to do if you see a project that their token sales is crowded.
  4. Sales of transparent XYO tokens. If you want to see anyone who buys your token XYO you can go to their website directly. And you can see in the lower left corner a lot of Txid purchase XYO Token. Many ICO Projects only show the total amount of funds they get, but do you know who the investors are buying it ?. 
So how's with the reasons above, you believe now?. it seems yes, Buy XYO tokens now before their ICO is complete. If you want to find the latest information about this project you can visit one of the links below

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What is Databroker and why you should join this project

Hello, guy.. you guys meet with me again today, now I will discuss a project called Databroker DAO. the project is now on ICO which will end on May 26, 2018. In the event of ICO Databroker DAO, they will sell DTX tokens with a rate of 1 ETH = 4000 DTX (excluding purchase bonus). What is the function of the DTX token and also to what extent their ICO developments, read my article below ... 

DataBroker DAO is the first market to sell and buy Sensor data. With the Databroker Platform, it allows Data Sensors owners to take advantage of their Data. This will open up industrial development opportunities and make the use of sensor data much more effective. 

With the free market that focuses on trading the sensor data is expected to accelerate the development of industry in all fields. A company can use the sensor data they purchase from the DAO Databroker Platform to grow their business. 

Anyone know what is sensor data? 
From what I found in the DAO Databroker whitepaper, the sensor data outline is a collection of historical data from the use of IoT, usually sensor data generated from telecommunication companies, internet networks, or survey agencies. Or can be spelled out from the sensor data data generated from their subscriptions search history. companies engaged in products and services may use sensory data to promote their products and services or to develop their products or services according to the wishes and suggestions of customers contained in the sensor data. 

By using a smartcontract-based market in the blockchain ethereum network, DAO Databroker will create a Peer-to-peer market for trading sensor data. Through their gateway operator, the data sensor owner sells the data they collect for sale and the buyer can search the sensor data they want all the transactions will be done within the DAO databroker platform and the only means of payment on their platform is toke DTX. DTX token is a token created using smartcontrac ethereum. Which will be used as a means of payment.

Business opportunity and utility scenario of DTX token
If we want to know how big the business opportunity that exist in DAO Databroker project. we first need to know how important the sensor data that industrial progress in this IoT era. You might already knew the answer, that is very important. do you know how many companies exist around the world ?, there are approximately 1 million companies around the world including startup companies and also large companies and will continue to increase every year as the times progress. Imagine if 10% of the total companies that exist around the world to buy sensor data every year. How much is the total turnover of the DTX token? 

For more details see below: 
  • We conclude a sensor data valued at 4000 DTX and the total company in the world is 1 million (all of these are just my estimates) 
  • Then 10% of the total companies worldwide purchase sensor data in the DAO Databroker platform (100,000 companies) 
  • And lastly, these companies buy a sensor data each year. 
So we live count how many turns of token DTX per year and per day. 
100,000 x 4000 DTX = 400,000,000 DTX per year and an average of 1 million tokens per day that will spin across the Exchange market, And will continue to grow annually. 

(Keep in mind this again is only an estimate do not make this calculation as a benchmark but you can use for reference) 

If we draw conclusions from my calculations, buying a DTX token is a big advantage, because without having to contribute to the DAO Databroker platform we can benefit from a DTX Token exchange on the Market Exchange. 

Let us get back to the topic at hand. Now.. why we should join this project.? 
  1. Because the project is profitable and has a great business opportunity, you can see from my explanation above. 
  2. Because their ICO have a short duration, unlike other projects that can be up to 2 months or more. The DAO databroker ICO will conclude on May 26, 2018. 
  3. Different concepts with other projects. current projects that are deploying ICO have a concept that is almost similar to each other. Databroker is different although their basic concept is Marketplace but its function and purpose is different. 
  4. Positive ratings from some mainstream Websites such as ICObench, ICOrating, and so on. 
How about my review of this DAO databroker project, have you become interested in this project?. If you are interested you can visit one of the links below to find out the latest developments on DAO databroker project.

if you like this article please like and Share this article to your respective social media, and see you in my next article. 

Regards CoinpooL.

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Qurrex sebuah platform Exchange Hybrid pertama didunia

Kembali dengan saya hari ini. Kali ini saya akan menjelaskan sebuah proyek yang memiliki konsep market exchange. Proyek ini bukan proyek pertama yang memiliki konsep market exchange. Telah kita ketahui sudah ada sebelum ini proyek – proyek yang memiliki konsep yang sama. Contoh, cobinhood dan masih banyak lagi proyek – proyek yang memiliki konsep market exchange. Walaupun sudah banyak proyek yang sejenis tetapi proyek ini bisa dikatakan membawa hal yang tidak dimiliki oleh market exchange yang sudah ada. Yaitu pertukaran hybrid, penasaran dengan kelebihan yang dia bawa. Simak artikel saya dibawah ini. 

Proyek yang akan kita bahas kali ini adalah Proyek Qurrex, sebuah platform market exchange Hybrid pertama didunia. Dimana biasanya maket hanya memiliki satu bersifat yaitu CEX (Centralized Exchange) atau DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Tetapi di Plaftorm Qurrex, mereka menggunakan keduanya. 
Proyek ini ada untuk menjawab permasalah – permasalah yang terjadi di market Exchange seperti Keamanan Asset dan Lamanya proses transaksi. Kalian tahu sepanjang sejarah Cryptocurrency sudah banyak kasus tentang kelihangan Asset dimarket Exchange. Untuk itu diciptakanlah sebuah Exchange DEX ( Decentralized Exchange) yaitu sebuah market Exchange yang tidak terpusat. Sebagai contoh kalian bisa melihat Exchange Idex, Etherdelta, atau Forkdelta. Mereka adalah market Exchange yang bersifat DEX. Tetapi kelemahan dari menggunakan Market yang bersifat DEX adalah lamanya proses transaksi karena memerlukan Konfirmasi blok dari Blockchain. Apalagi Market Exchange yang bersifat DEX yang support altcoin dari Platform Ethereum (Token ERC20) dan belum bisa menampung seluruh altcoin yang ada saat ini. Karena perbedaan Blockchain. Seperti Bitcoin, litecoin, Dash, Doge, Ripple dan masih banyak lagi altcoin dengan blockchain yang berbeda – beda. 

Oleh sebab itu tim pengembang Qurrex membuat Platform Qurrex yang dapat menjawab permasalah yang sedang berlangsung. Mereka telah pengembangkan Platform ini sejak tahun 2016 dan baru akan launching dalam waktu dekat. Awalnya, platform Qurrex dirancang secara eksklusif sebagai sistem pertukaran cryptocurrency terpusat. Alasan untuk ini terkait dengan latar belakang tim yaitu pernah bekerja selama lebih dari 10 tahun pada penciptaan berbagai Exchange, sistem broker dan produk untuk pasar tradisional. Namun, penelitian jaringan Blockchain mendorong Qurrex untuk pendekatan baru dengan tujuan agar dapat memecahkan banyak masalah yang ditemui selama beberapa tahun terakhir. Ini demi meningkatkan likuiditas serta untuk meningkatkan kepercayaan klien. 

Sebagai pembuktian, Qurrex telah menyiapkan versi web uji terminal perdagangan (demo) yang akan berfungsi sebagai antarmuka untuk sistem pertukaran Qurrex. Versi demo ini mampu mencerminkan kutipan saat ini untuk pasangan cryptocurrency kunci, menyediakan perdagangan dan kemampuan analisis, dan persediaan newsfeed dari berbagai sumber. 

Fungsi utama Platform Qurrex adalah sebagai berikut: 
  • Arsitektur hybrid dengan keamanan berkinerja tinggi yang didukung oleh audit teknis independen 
  • Fungsionalitas luas yang memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna di setiap level 
  • Transparansi maksimum untuk pengguna: audit independen, penerbitan akun keuangan, memaksimalkan semua proses transaksi. 
  • Pintu pembayaran untuk mengirim dan menarik uang fiat 
  • Antarmuka yang ditingkatkan dapat disesuaikan dan dilengkapi dengan API lanjutan 
  • Platform untuk transaksi sosial dan investasi dengan pasar pilihan 
  • Dukungan multi bahasa untuk pengguna dan respon 24/7 

Dengan dengan mengguakan sistem DEX dan CEX sekaligus, Qurrex berusaha meningkatkan keamanan, kenyamanan, meningkatkan daya saing, kolam likuiditas dan perdagangan. Pada saat yang sama, Qurrex memutuskan untuk tidak menggunakan token sebagai utilitas, untuk menghindari beberapa masalah sistemik, seperti; 
  • Pertumbuhan inflasi yang berlebihan; 
  • Batasi jumlah pengguna atau permintaan dalam model deposito; 
  • Mengurangi ketersediaan dan kegunaan layanan, yang disebabkan oleh memburuknya properti konsumen DEX; 
  • konflik kepentingan subyek DEX: Konfirmasi Node cenderung meningkatkan ukuran komisi, sementara Node Pengguna menguranginya. 
Selain itu Qurrex juga meluncurkan mata uang utama yang disebut QRX Token. QRX token adalah cryptocurrency berbasis token ERC20 yang dibuat menggunakan smart contract dan teknologi blockchain ethereum. QRT Token memiliki beberapa fungsi dan kegunaan, dengan rincian sebagai berikut: 
  1. Diskon 20% permanen dari biaya pertukaran yang dikenakan untuk diperdagangkan selama periode tertentu 
  2. Unit pembayaran untuk layanan apa pun 
  3. Sebagai Aset Kripto 
  4. Unit pembayaran untuk hak untuk membuat konfirmasi node 
  5. Protokol jaringan qurrex DEX akan memungkinkan konfirmasi node untuk membebankan komisi dalam aset transaksi 
Qurrex akan melakukan penjualan token awal untuk menjual token QRX. Jika kalian tertarik membeli token QRX kalian bisa melihat detailnya dibawah ini 
  1. Token symbol: QRX
  2. Token standard: ERC20
  3. Token type: Utility
  4. Token Price : 1ETH = 500 QRX + Airdrop
  5. Total token supply: 70m
  6. Total token for sale: 55m
  7. Total token for pre-sale: 17m
  8. Country of incorporation - Cayman Islands 
Bagaimana dengan penjelasan saya tentang proyek Qurrex, apakah kalian tertarik dengan proyek ini ?. Jika kalian tertarik dengan proyek ini dan ingin mencari informasi terbaru tentang proyek Qurrex kalian bisa mengunjungi salah satu link dibawah ini : 
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