Unibright, Project that helps companies integration with Blockchain

Good Morning everyone, it may be a long time since I made an article about the ICO project not because there are no projects in progress, but because of the absence of a project that can give me something unique and certainly profitable. Many of today's projects had not so many enthusiasts and the leverage of their token sales is very worrying. Unlike the project that will discuss the Unibright. Why is it different, because Unibright will probably be the bridge between Blockchain Technology and all the companies in the world. If you see from their purpose, maybe this project like Nonsense or even boasted because many projects that say like that but in fact berbading upside down with reality. Judging from the size of the goals under this project, there is no possibility that there are people who think like that, including me of course.

Like the proverb says do not look at books from only from their cover. 

Perhaps this proverb is suitable for Unibright project, because if we see at a glance this project is like nonsense. But try reading their Whitepaper thoroughly. You will see something you never thought of. 

I while reading their whitepaper I can immediately think that the Unibright project has a vast business opportunity. Imagine how many companies around the world, they are scattered in different business areas. If these companies want to integrate their Platforms each with blockchain technology how many UBT tokens are needed per day to serve the demands of those companies.
Then if every company is using blockchain technology, then in the future we will have a new era of tokenization ecosystem. Where all business aspects use tokens to run their respective platforms. The advantage of it all is 

1. The price of the whole cryptocurrency will experience a large price spike 
2. Cryptocurrency may be legalized throughout theworld. 
3. The birth of an era of transparency, and no more manipulation, error, or loss of data / funds 
4. The advantage most felt by investors of Unibright project is UBT token price will surely increase price. And UBT token prices tend to be stable. 

That's the conclusion I can take after I read the Unibright whitepaper. 
Back to what topic is a unibright project? why can it be said can change the world ?. 

Unibright is an integrated framework for blockchain-based business integration. Unibright will create templates based on the visual definition of the business integration workflow and present it with automatic smart contract creation. Unibright wants to enable cross-blockchain, cross-system connections and provides all system components to support the blockchain-based business integration process. Unibright's mission is to integrate blockchain-based businesses. They hope blockchain technology will be applicable in all aspects of business. therefore Unibright wants to make the use of blockchain technology more viable and profitable for those who drive real businesses and not "just" exchanging crypto currencies. they are confident of being in a good position to be the first provider of blockchain-based business integration. Unibright strives to bring the promises of using blockchain technology to a higher level to business professionals.

business integration can be data integration, abstraction from a specialized vendor system to ensure independence and integrity, providing general questions and standard questions on available data. In the restrictions of related terms, we understand business integration as one of the motivations for defining business processes and applying business workflows on top of it all. So business integration here can not only be used by companies engaged in goods, or services only. The Unibright platform can be used in all aspects such as data storage, transaction logging, or even platform building. Blockchain is not just about tokens and blockchains. There are many kinds of blockchain you can see examples of Steemit platform that can be spelled as anti copypaste, or Ethereum with its Smartcontract and so on. If the blockchain technology used by companies can certainly facilitate their work. maybe before any Unibright project you would think impossible because it requires a very high skill. But later it will be different, because by using Unibright, companies that want to integrate their business can easily do it.

The question is, does the Unibright project can be accepted by investors? and what is the proof. 

Like I said Unibright Project has a lot of investors. Then what is the proof ?, you can directly visit their official website and see how much fund they have collected. With the total token remaining less than 14% of the total ICO allocation, you can conclude whether the project is already successful or not. 

If you want to read Whitepaper and discuss about Unibright project you can visit the link below :


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