The Arcona Project Token sale Review

Hello everyone back again with me today. Now I want to go to the token sale of the arcona project. For the size of an Arcona project it is a project that has a slow progress from the first start introduced until they start ICO. the project was introduced in October last year and just started ICO from april to may 2018. However, the project still has many enthusiasts / investors, as a result of their token sales that you can see on their website. 
Maybe for some people who look at this project must be thinking why a slow progress project but has a lot of devotees. Including me one of them, for that I make this article so you can understand.

At first I was not so interested in the ARCONA Project. My interest started when I saw the ICO List that was going on in webiste. of the many ICOs that started in April I saw that Arcona was running ICO. then I find out about the project from concept, team, rating, even up to Manager bounty. 
I came to the conclusion that this Arcona project is a project that is out of expectation because starting from rating this project does not get a satisfactory rating of 4.1, although above 4 but there are still many ICO with higher rating from this project that are also doing their token sales. Then the concept, arcona project has the concept of connecting the world by using AR (Augmented Reality). Users only need to use their Smartphone, desktop or AR console to control their businesses located worldwide without having to leave their home or office. 

Starting from the concept and Rating is enough to make people think, that this project is difficult to get investors. But those who think like that are wrong, because in fact many are interested in this project. One of them is me, Why? 
Think about how much profit you will get if the arcona platform is really running and can be used?
  • Save on expenses 
People don’t need to spend substantial funds just to monitor their business located in different countries. They only need to use AR to see business growth. Try to imagine how much money they have to spend for a single visit. Flights nurse, Hotel, And last meal. Now entrepreneurs do not have to think about it anymore, they simply relax in their respective offices. 
  • Shorten the time 
By using AR, one does not have to travel long hours just to make visits to their offices, restaurants, factories, or other businesses. 
  • Easy to control 
It seems that as I explained above, before this project existed, one has to sacrifice the funds and time Just to control their business. But by using AR, you need not be afraid. You are free to see your business at any time without spending huge funds and without sacrificing a lot of time because it is directly connected real time.

Perhaps this is because investors are interested in the Arcona project. Because they want the convenience to control the business they have. So they are patient to wait for the arcona token sale begins . If from the beginning I knew about this project I might be one of the most enthusiastic people. 
Token sale review 
As I said above if we look at the Arcona project at a glance, we may think this project might fail, but try to see this project in more detail. You will find the fact that many people are interested in this project. Arcona token sales have started from April 15 and ending 15 May. So only 15 days left until their token sales are closed. Funds raised are 7024 ETH or 7,771,975 ARCONA. If you are interested in this project, you can buy ARCONA token on their official website. 

Some facts that I found in whitepapers may be one of the considerations of investors in choosing this project.
  1. The Arcona project gets grant funding from several big companies like Microsoft, interl, google, skolkovo Foundation and 20 other companies. 
  2. Project arcona already covered by some famous magazines like Forbes, and others. 
  3. Clear Roadmap and have experienced TEAM in their respective fields. 
  4. Arcona has also passed the evaluation test from StPetersburg Pre-seed Investment Fund and Microsoft Seed Fund
If you are interested in this project and want to find the latest information about arcona project you can visit one of the links below :

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