Review Initial Coin Offering of the Vinchain project

Hello Everyone, you guys meet with me again today. Before I’ve written an article about VinChain, now I will make a review about their VinChain Token. Looking a their official website, their ICO will ends around 8 days from now. With the funds reaching 8,000 ETH. it is the highest achievement among other projects that are running ICO, at least for now.
we already know today the market conditions are not stable, currently many investors prefer to play safe by way of saving their money until the situation is more stable. They prefer to observe and not conduct Trading or participate in ICO. but if we look at Vinchain’s ICO, it seems to be the opposite of it, many people seems trust them and had a high hope for the project. 

if you want to get profit there is no harm in joining to buy VIN token. Learn from my experience participating in ICO, Projects such as Project VinChain always provides benefits. Starting from Trading long term or short term.

Some of you might think the article I’ve wrote here is trying to promote VinChain. For your information, I’ve wrote this article without VinChain interference at all. All the posts in this article are based on Objectivity. if I write a good review it means the project is good and vice versa. 
Back to the initial topic, how the Vinchain project can raise much money when the crypto market situation is unstable. To answer that question I will explain some of the reasons below.

1. Concepts 
The concept that Project Vinchain brings is an innovative one, as small as it might be but it will changes into something else entirely. The concept of VinChain is very simple that is a storage database for vehicle maintenance history. 

Every day many used vehicles are sold in place of used vehicle sales around the world. Although people have an interest in buying used vehicles, but they do not want to spend more, and tend to pay less because they realize the vehicles they buy are not necessarily good ones. if it continues then the used vehicle sales industry will eventually be extinct. With the Database Car maintenance history platform, those who want to buy a used vehicle can see in advance how many times the vehicle is getting treatment or we can see how many times the vehicle is damaged.

2. Blockchain 
This is the core concept of the Vinchain Platform. by using Blockchain,the data stored there will not be able to be changed, forged or even deleted by anyone. So all of the data is assured for its authenticity, Transparency and Safety. 

Anyone who wants to buy a used vehicle can view the data by redeeming it with a VIN Token. This is where the VIN Token Ecosystem begins and continues into the exchange. If you do not have the desire to buy a vehicle you can still get benefit by storing the VIN token.
3. VIN Token. 
Of all the reasons I found, VIN token is one of the reasons why investors are participating in this project. VIN token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain network this token will be used for payment tools on the VinChain Platform. 

4. Time duration of ICO
Time was already the deciding factor whether the project can succeed or fail. Investors are more interested in projects that have a short duration of ICO. Because investors do not want their assets stuck for too long with the risk of current market prices are not stable. And the VinChain Project is the Right Choice for their short ICO time. Making this project a top choice for investors.

5. Targets that have been achieved 
The vinchain project itself has reached their Softcap target. And this is a guarantee to investors that the project will be a success. Many investors prefer to observe even if the project is good. They will participate when the project reached their softcap. The VinChain project is not an exception. When they have not reached Softcap many think this project is going to be failed, but when they have reached softcap many investors are starting to participate in this project. 

If you are interested in this project and want to participate. Please check the details of their ICO below 
  • Token Symbol: VIN
  • Price: 1 ETH = 20,000 VIN
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 VIN
  • Distribution for ICO: 60% = 600,000,000 VIN
  • ICO Start: February 1, 2018 - April 15, 2018
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Receive: ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Softcap: 3300 ETH
  • Hardcap: 23.250 ETH
For anyone who wants to find the latest information about this project you can visit one of the links below 
That is the answer, opinion and review about this project, if you have a different opinion than mine. Feel free to submit your opinion in the comment section. Have a good day, guys!

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