The Arcona Project Token sale Review

Hello everyone back again with me today. Now I want to go to the token sale of the arcona project. For the size of an Arcona project it is a project that has a slow progress from the first start introduced until they start ICO. the project was introduced in October last year and just started ICO from april to may 2018. However, the project still has many enthusiasts / investors, as a result of their token sales that you can see on their website. 
Maybe for some people who look at this project must be thinking why a slow progress project but has a lot of devotees. Including me one of them, for that I make this article so you can understand.

At first I was not so interested in the ARCONA Project. My interest started when I saw the ICO List that was going on in webiste. of the many ICOs that started in April I saw that Arcona was running ICO. then I find out about the project from concept, team, rating, even up to Manager bounty. 
I came to the conclusion that this Arcona project is a project that is out of expectation because starting from rating this project does not get a satisfactory rating of 4.1, although above 4 but there are still many ICO with higher rating from this project that are also doing their token sales. Then the concept, arcona project has the concept of connecting the world by using AR (Augmented Reality). Users only need to use their Smartphone, desktop or AR console to control their businesses located worldwide without having to leave their home or office. 

Starting from the concept and Rating is enough to make people think, that this project is difficult to get investors. But those who think like that are wrong, because in fact many are interested in this project. One of them is me, Why? 
Think about how much profit you will get if the arcona platform is really running and can be used?
  • Save on expenses 
People don’t need to spend substantial funds just to monitor their business located in different countries. They only need to use AR to see business growth. Try to imagine how much money they have to spend for a single visit. Flights nurse, Hotel, And last meal. Now entrepreneurs do not have to think about it anymore, they simply relax in their respective offices. 
  • Shorten the time 
By using AR, one does not have to travel long hours just to make visits to their offices, restaurants, factories, or other businesses. 
  • Easy to control 
It seems that as I explained above, before this project existed, one has to sacrifice the funds and time Just to control their business. But by using AR, you need not be afraid. You are free to see your business at any time without spending huge funds and without sacrificing a lot of time because it is directly connected real time.

Perhaps this is because investors are interested in the Arcona project. Because they want the convenience to control the business they have. So they are patient to wait for the arcona token sale begins . If from the beginning I knew about this project I might be one of the most enthusiastic people. 
Token sale review 
As I said above if we look at the Arcona project at a glance, we may think this project might fail, but try to see this project in more detail. You will find the fact that many people are interested in this project. Arcona token sales have started from April 15 and ending 15 May. So only 15 days left until their token sales are closed. Funds raised are 7024 ETH or 7,771,975 ARCONA. If you are interested in this project, you can buy ARCONA token on their official website. 

Some facts that I found in whitepapers may be one of the considerations of investors in choosing this project.
  1. The Arcona project gets grant funding from several big companies like Microsoft, interl, google, skolkovo Foundation and 20 other companies. 
  2. Project arcona already covered by some famous magazines like Forbes, and others. 
  3. Clear Roadmap and have experienced TEAM in their respective fields. 
  4. Arcona has also passed the evaluation test from StPetersburg Pre-seed Investment Fund and Microsoft Seed Fund
If you are interested in this project and want to find the latest information about arcona project you can visit one of the links below :

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Unibright, Project that helps companies integration with Blockchain

Good Morning everyone, it may be a long time since I made an article about the ICO project not because there are no projects in progress, but because of the absence of a project that can give me something unique and certainly profitable. Many of today's projects had not so many enthusiasts and the leverage of their token sales is very worrying. Unlike the project that will discuss the Unibright. Why is it different, because Unibright will probably be the bridge between Blockchain Technology and all the companies in the world. If you see from their purpose, maybe this project like Nonsense or even boasted because many projects that say like that but in fact berbading upside down with reality. Judging from the size of the goals under this project, there is no possibility that there are people who think like that, including me of course.

Like the proverb says do not look at books from only from their cover. 

Perhaps this proverb is suitable for Unibright project, because if we see at a glance this project is like nonsense. But try reading their Whitepaper thoroughly. You will see something you never thought of. 

I while reading their whitepaper I can immediately think that the Unibright project has a vast business opportunity. Imagine how many companies around the world, they are scattered in different business areas. If these companies want to integrate their Platforms each with blockchain technology how many UBT tokens are needed per day to serve the demands of those companies.
Then if every company is using blockchain technology, then in the future we will have a new era of tokenization ecosystem. Where all business aspects use tokens to run their respective platforms. The advantage of it all is 

1. The price of the whole cryptocurrency will experience a large price spike 
2. Cryptocurrency may be legalized throughout theworld. 
3. The birth of an era of transparency, and no more manipulation, error, or loss of data / funds 
4. The advantage most felt by investors of Unibright project is UBT token price will surely increase price. And UBT token prices tend to be stable. 

That's the conclusion I can take after I read the Unibright whitepaper. 
Back to what topic is a unibright project? why can it be said can change the world ?. 

Unibright is an integrated framework for blockchain-based business integration. Unibright will create templates based on the visual definition of the business integration workflow and present it with automatic smart contract creation. Unibright wants to enable cross-blockchain, cross-system connections and provides all system components to support the blockchain-based business integration process. Unibright's mission is to integrate blockchain-based businesses. They hope blockchain technology will be applicable in all aspects of business. therefore Unibright wants to make the use of blockchain technology more viable and profitable for those who drive real businesses and not "just" exchanging crypto currencies. they are confident of being in a good position to be the first provider of blockchain-based business integration. Unibright strives to bring the promises of using blockchain technology to a higher level to business professionals.

business integration can be data integration, abstraction from a specialized vendor system to ensure independence and integrity, providing general questions and standard questions on available data. In the restrictions of related terms, we understand business integration as one of the motivations for defining business processes and applying business workflows on top of it all. So business integration here can not only be used by companies engaged in goods, or services only. The Unibright platform can be used in all aspects such as data storage, transaction logging, or even platform building. Blockchain is not just about tokens and blockchains. There are many kinds of blockchain you can see examples of Steemit platform that can be spelled as anti copypaste, or Ethereum with its Smartcontract and so on. If the blockchain technology used by companies can certainly facilitate their work. maybe before any Unibright project you would think impossible because it requires a very high skill. But later it will be different, because by using Unibright, companies that want to integrate their business can easily do it.

The question is, does the Unibright project can be accepted by investors? and what is the proof. 

Like I said Unibright Project has a lot of investors. Then what is the proof ?, you can directly visit their official website and see how much fund they have collected. With the total token remaining less than 14% of the total ICO allocation, you can conclude whether the project is already successful or not. 

If you want to read Whitepaper and discuss about Unibright project you can visit the link below :
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halo semua kembali lagi dengan saya hari ini. sekarang saya akan mereview sebuah proyek yang bagus. dan mungkin proyek ini bisa menjadi salah satu pilihan untuk kalian berinvestasi. mengingat waktu ico nya terbilang lama tetapi proyek ini bisa dibilang dapat mengatasi kekurangan tersebut dengan memberikan bonus - bonus yang menarik. proyek ini bernama Amicorum dengan tokennya yang bernama token AMI. proyek ini memiliki konsep Music lebih tepatnya penjualan tiket konsep online, dimana proyek yang bergerak di bidang ini masih terbilang cukup jarang. membuat proyek ini memiliki potensi tersendiri. berbeda dengan proyek yang memiliki konsep mainstream. dimana mereka memiliki pesaing yang sudah terlalu banyak. kita ambil contoh proyek dengan konsep market Exchangers mereka harus bersaing dengan proyek baru yang memiliki konsep yang sama dan dengan market exchangers yang terlebih dahulu ada. berbeda dengan proyek Amicorum yang baru sedikit proyek yang memiliki konsep seperti ini, jadi langsung saja simak review saya dibawah ini. 
Sebuah kabar gembira untuk pecinta music dan festival karena sekrang telah ada platform penjualan ulang tikect yang aman, transpran dan bebas transaksi. Platform ini bernama Amicorum, Amicorum adalah pasar blockade berbasis etos  dan beragam ekosistem peer-peer untuk penjualan tiket konser dan music.

Ulasan proyek
AMICORUM.LIVE  akan menjadi ekosistem yang aman, transparan, biaya “0” dalam transaksi / pemrosesan berbasis blockchain untuk insdustri penjualan tikect , menghilangkan biaya transaksai, penipuan dan kewenangan pembeli tiket.
Proyek Amicorum  melakukan prosesnya sebagai berikut :
  • Penjual akan mencantumkan tiket di platform AMICORUM.LIVE
  • Platform ini kan mengubah biaya tiket untuk mewakili nilai AMI token
  • Pembeli akan meninjau dan mengkomfirmasi pembelian tikect dengan imbalan token
  • Transaksi yang dikonfirmasi melalui jaringan dan informasi transaksi tercantum dalam akun penjual dan pembeli
  • Penjual menerima jumlah penuh di alamat dompetnya yang sesuai tampa potongan apapun di token AMI
  • Pembeli menerima tiket setelah transaksi dikonfirmasi dan terdaftar di blok
  • Platform mengotomatisasi semua proses bisnis yang terkait dengan daftar, penjualan, penjualan kembali, penghargaan dan penebusan tikect festival atau konser sambil mendistribusikan dana penjualan tepat waktu.
Di era yang sangat maju ini, masih hal besar yang menjadi masalah diantaranya sebagai berikut:
  • Biaya transaksi – meskipun penjual dapat menjual tiket mereka secara online, pembeli masih perlu membayar tikect, biaya platform dan biaya transaksi yang dibebankan oleh bank mereka. Platform AMICORUM.LIVE akan menghilangkan ketidak nyamanan ini dari pembeli dan memberikan pengalaman tampa batas bebas dari biaya transaksi atau biaya bank
  • Tidak percaya / palsu – meskipun ada peringatan biasa di situs web yang meminta pembeli untuk hanya mebeli tikect dari dari box Office atau situs bursa barang terkemuka, mereka tetap saja mendapatkan masalah ini dan bahkan membayarnya kasus yang paling biasa adalah tiket yang sama dijual ke 10-15 peminat dan bahkan lebih. Pemegang tiket pertama tiba, bisa melihat acara atau menghadiri konser / festival dan selebihnya terpaksa pulang akan memberikan keamanan atas uang yang dikeluarkan untuk membeli tiket ini dan memastika interaksi yang saling menguntungkan bagi pihak-pihak yang terlibat.   

Fungsi utama dari Amicorum meliputi:

  • Pembuatan Portal Pengguna (Penjual / Pembeli)
  • mekanisme KYC dan pemeriksaan (Penjual / Pembeli)
  • Bursa TicketTerdesentralisasi untuk Penjual & Pembeli
  • Validasi buku besar blockchain dengan keamanan informasi lengkap
  • Aturan Penjualan ulang Tiket
  • Rekonsiliasi penjualan dan pengiriman dana ke penjual setelah konfirmasi jaringan
TOKEN AMI dan detail ICO
  • Nilai token tetap
  • Token tunggal AMI bernilai 0,50 USD
  • Bursa yang digunakan kraken, CEX.IO, Binance.
  • Ketersediaan total – 50.000.000
  • Hard CAP - $ 20 juta USD
  • Soft CAP - $ 5 juta USD
  • Penjualan pribadi / prapenjualan dengan bonus 30%
  • PRA ICO dengan token bonus 20%
  • Crowdsale dengan token bonus 10%
  • Target penjualan minimum token – 100 token AMI
Distrbusi token
  • 80% untuk distribusi total ICO – 40.000.000
  • 15% untuk dicadangkan untuk pendiri/manajemen -7.500.000
  • 2% untuk dicadangkan untuk penasihat – 1000.000
  • 3% untuk dicadangkan untuk tujuan pemasaran / loyalitas 1,500.000

Cara Kerja 
Begitu pengguna telah membuat profil dan diverifikasi melalui KYC, mereka akan dapat mendaftarkan tiket mereka untuk dijual. Pemegang tiket akan mengunggah tiket dengan informasi penting - kode batang (diautentikasi oleh platform), motif penjualan mereka (alasan mengapa mereka tidak dapat hadir), permintaan harga (lebih tinggi atau lebih rendah dari harga pasar aktual) untuk penjualan tiket dan kebijakan pengembalian jika disertakan. Pembeli, yang ingin membeli tiket, masuk ke platform dan mencari suatu acara. Tiket Penjualan ulang akan ditampilkan dalam urutan awal relevansi, harga dan informasi lainnya. Pembeli akan  membeli tiket dengan harga yang tercantum melalui token AMI dan setelah ada konfirmasi jaringan, tiket akan secara otomatis tercantum di bawah akun pembeli dan token akan ditransfer ke penjual. Jadi intinya, tidak ada pihak ketiga yang menangani bursa dan tidak ada biaya transaksi dari pihak-pihak tersebut. Setelah token AMI dipindahkan ke dompet penjual, mereka dapat menariknya kapan saja dan menukarkannya ke mata uang fiat dalam daftar bursa. Platform tidak akan menunjukkan tiket atau pesanan tertentu di bawah daftar tiket penjualan ulang yang baru

Saat menggunakan platform, hanya token AMI yang akan digunakan untuk melakukan transaksi - apakah itu pembelian atau penjualan. Penjual akan menerima pembayaran di token AMI di akun mereka dan pembeli akan memerlukan token AMI untuk membeli tiket. Semua penjualan tiket akan selesai pada hari yang sama dengan pembelian karena blockchain tersebut mengkonfirmasikan transaksi dalam beberapa menit. artinya Anda tidak perlu menunggu pembayaran dikirim dari bank ke pemegang tiket. untuk lebih jelasnya kalian bisa lihat dibawah ini.

Token akan dipergunakan dengan cara berikut:
  • Untuk semua pembayaran antara anggota ekosistem - pembelian tiket, penjualan ulang, pengembalian
  • Mekanisme FAST TRACK - KYC
  • Imbalan
  • Ekosistem blockchain akan digunakan untuk platform, pengunjung, pembeli dan penjualnya dan penyiapan KYC.
Perlu di ingat : 
  • Biaya Transaksi "0"  - Akan ada  biaya transaksi "0" baik untuk menggunakan platform dan untuk menjual atau membeli tiket dibandingkan dengan 1% -5% pada platform lainnya.
  • Hadiah - Alokasi token yang berlimpah akan diberikan ke platform AMICORUM.LIVE untuk memberikan imbalan kepada pengguna - apakah penjual atau pembeli. Para penjual dan pembeli akan mendapat imbalan dalam persentase berdasarkan nilai penjualan ulang tiket mereka dan keaslian tiket setelah dikonfirmasi melalui kontrak cerdas.
  • Setelah konfirmasi diterima, platform akan secara otomatis mengalokasikan imbalan berdasarkan persentase tx untuk setiap transaksi. Ini akan dikirim ke akun dompet mereka di peron.

Kesimpulan : 
proyek ini hampir sama seperti proyek Aventus yang bergerak pada penjualan tiket, yang membedakannya adalah biaya transaksi 0. terkadang perbedaan biaya Fee mambuat harga tiket menjadi lebih mahal dibandingkan dengan harga asli. Proyek Amicorum adalah sebuah Platform yang disempurnakan dengan maksud untuk membuat penggunanya menjadi lebih diuntungkan.

oke sekian dari saya, bagaimana dengan review proyek kali ini ? apakah proyek ini masuk dalam list kalian di bulan ini ? 

untuk informasi terbaru tentang proyek ini kalian bisa mengunjungi salah satu link dibawah ini :

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Review Initial Coin Offering of the Vinchain project

Hello Everyone, you guys meet with me again today. Before I’ve written an article about VinChain, now I will make a review about their VinChain Token. Looking a their official website, their ICO will ends around 8 days from now. With the funds reaching 8,000 ETH. it is the highest achievement among other projects that are running ICO, at least for now.
we already know today the market conditions are not stable, currently many investors prefer to play safe by way of saving their money until the situation is more stable. They prefer to observe and not conduct Trading or participate in ICO. but if we look at Vinchain’s ICO, it seems to be the opposite of it, many people seems trust them and had a high hope for the project. 

if you want to get profit there is no harm in joining to buy VIN token. Learn from my experience participating in ICO, Projects such as Project VinChain always provides benefits. Starting from Trading long term or short term.

Some of you might think the article I’ve wrote here is trying to promote VinChain. For your information, I’ve wrote this article without VinChain interference at all. All the posts in this article are based on Objectivity. if I write a good review it means the project is good and vice versa. 
Back to the initial topic, how the Vinchain project can raise much money when the crypto market situation is unstable. To answer that question I will explain some of the reasons below.

1. Concepts 
The concept that Project Vinchain brings is an innovative one, as small as it might be but it will changes into something else entirely. The concept of VinChain is very simple that is a storage database for vehicle maintenance history. 

Every day many used vehicles are sold in place of used vehicle sales around the world. Although people have an interest in buying used vehicles, but they do not want to spend more, and tend to pay less because they realize the vehicles they buy are not necessarily good ones. if it continues then the used vehicle sales industry will eventually be extinct. With the Database Car maintenance history platform, those who want to buy a used vehicle can see in advance how many times the vehicle is getting treatment or we can see how many times the vehicle is damaged.

2. Blockchain 
This is the core concept of the Vinchain Platform. by using Blockchain,the data stored there will not be able to be changed, forged or even deleted by anyone. So all of the data is assured for its authenticity, Transparency and Safety. 

Anyone who wants to buy a used vehicle can view the data by redeeming it with a VIN Token. This is where the VIN Token Ecosystem begins and continues into the exchange. If you do not have the desire to buy a vehicle you can still get benefit by storing the VIN token.
3. VIN Token. 
Of all the reasons I found, VIN token is one of the reasons why investors are participating in this project. VIN token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain network this token will be used for payment tools on the VinChain Platform. 

4. Time duration of ICO
Time was already the deciding factor whether the project can succeed or fail. Investors are more interested in projects that have a short duration of ICO. Because investors do not want their assets stuck for too long with the risk of current market prices are not stable. And the VinChain Project is the Right Choice for their short ICO time. Making this project a top choice for investors.

5. Targets that have been achieved 
The vinchain project itself has reached their Softcap target. And this is a guarantee to investors that the project will be a success. Many investors prefer to observe even if the project is good. They will participate when the project reached their softcap. The VinChain project is not an exception. When they have not reached Softcap many think this project is going to be failed, but when they have reached softcap many investors are starting to participate in this project. 

If you are interested in this project and want to participate. Please check the details of their ICO below 
  • Token Symbol: VIN
  • Price: 1 ETH = 20,000 VIN
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 VIN
  • Distribution for ICO: 60% = 600,000,000 VIN
  • ICO Start: February 1, 2018 - April 15, 2018
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Receive: ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Softcap: 3300 ETH
  • Hardcap: 23.250 ETH
For anyone who wants to find the latest information about this project you can visit one of the links below 
That is the answer, opinion and review about this project, if you have a different opinion than mine. Feel free to submit your opinion in the comment section. Have a good day, guys!

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Vinchain Platform Creates Balance & Symmetric Market Information

The VinChain project solves the asymmetric information problem at used vehicle market by creating decentralized, unchanged, transparent, safe, and reliable recycling vehicles. The problem that became the background of the birth of VINchain has been described by George Akerlof, a Nobel-winning economist. He explains the market mechanism by which the seller knows more about the product than the buyer. This is called a market with asymmetric information. We can take the example of used car market. Generally, sellers know more about vehicles sold than buyers. This poses a problem for buyers because it will open up opportunities for cheating. To cover up the real situation, they lower the selling price compared to the purchase price. This is what causes the car market to disappear.
VINCHAIN ​​is the Solution
A survey shows that buyers need data access on safe and transparent vehicles. VINchain comes as a solution. The VINCHAIN ​​project creates balanced information in the marketplace. VINCHAIN ​​is a centralized blockchain database and records all relevant and vehicle related information. VINchain also generates reports that can be ordered directly by sellers, buyers and other market participants. Information on the vehicle is fully accumulated in the system participant database. This information is very easy and transparent to be accessed by people who have access to the system. To keep information accurate, blockchain and hashing data technologies are processed through the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm. This ensures data security.

Hundreds of thousands of used cars are sold every day and this makes buyers want accurate information about cars. Unfortunately, there is still no single vehicle database. Even if there is a commercial database, they can not solve the problem because there is a risk of inaccuracy. The database is closed and can not exchange information. Car buyers are at risk of losing their money. The VINCHIAN project wants to attract international consulting agencies to system audits that will produce detailed reports. For the information provided by VINchain to be accurate.


The purpose of Vinchain

Change the global market of used cars by making them honest, transparent, reliable and with equal access to information for each participant.

The purpose of the project

  • Create blocks with different levels of access and information protection. The level of data security should be in accordance with the needs of government agencies. 
  • Unite participants in the automotive industry, such as manufacturers, insurance companies, dealers, workshops, navigation system developers, into a single ecosystem for data exchange purposes. 
  • Create the infrastructure and provide direct access to the database every market participant
The solution offered by VinChain
For each car we will issue a blockchain passport, which will be stored in a distributed list. The VinChain project will unite all data providers and create a continuing car history, with no lack of a centralized database. Market participants such as car manufacturers, car dealers, insurance companies, banks and leasing companies all require a history of exploitation and they need transparency, affordability, reliability and authenticity. Buyers who currently choose a car can also order our report immediately.

Benefits of using VinChain blockchain technology:
  • Blockchain can store information about vehicle maintenance 
  • Opportunity to adjust access levels for different users 
  • Absolute reliability 
  • A transparent reward system for data suppliers 
  • Opportunity to work directly with every market participant 
  • Resistance to network attacks
Ways of working 
The buyer signs up on the website of the service provider or mobile application. When the registration is approved, buyers may check the vehicle Blockchain. Service providers verify buyer requests by checking the availability of data in all service provider databases and providing short reports to buyers for free.

This singular report to review the various information contained in the full report. If the buyer is satisfied with the brief report, they can continue to purchase the full report. If the buyer decides to make a purchase, they can pay by the prescribed method and will receive the full version of the vehicle’s Blockchain passport.

Pre-sale: December, 1st - 24 12,000,000 tokens will be available for placement with a sales ban of 3 months after the ICO expires. Emissions and sales tokens in ICO. ICO will be held from March, 22 to 15 April 2017. Maximum investment amount: $ 34,500,000. Available for placement: 600.000.000 token. Token will be distributed between buyers within 72 hours ICO Completion

Payment methods available for VinChain tokens:
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Ripple (XRP)
Litecoin (LTC)

Bonuses and discounts

Token distribution patterns are as follows:
the distribution of the Genesis block in the VinChain Network will include 1,000,000,000 utility tokens
  • 600,000,000 => distributed among ICO members;
  • 50,000,000 => reserved among founders, consultants and others team members with a 2 year sales limit;
  • 137,500,000 => backed up with a 2 year sales restriction;
  • 12.500.000 => is reserved for initial investors with sales restrictions 3 months after the ICO ended

Our Partners

For more information please visit some links below:

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Review the Token sale of a Current project

Hello everyone, how are you guys..? It's truly been a while since i wrote an article abou ICOs review. And to make up the time for my absence, i will write an article solely for reviewing a project called Current.. Do you guys know about Project Current..? 

Here, i'll tell you about what is Project Current. 

The Current Project aims to facilitate the use of bringing traditional media networks to blockchain technology that matches consumer expectations. Current's ecosystems are built by Hybrid, with on-chain and off-chain solutions to accommodate market dynamics that shift to the blockchain, media and crypto industries. The Current Platform provides a more convenient and comprehensive search and discovery process by combining different content sources into one place. In addition to reducing the number of applications required to play music, videos, podcasts etc., this platform has many data points available on the media type. The time and subject matter of one's experience and can produce better recommendations than any single network. 

Current integrates with external media networks to meet popular media requests that are only available on their networks. Current allows users to start getting CRNC tokens immediately without any obstacles. With hybrid current approaches it can garner a broad application using existing audiences and their daily streaming habits through user experience and simple wallet merging thus eliminating all technical complexities associated with crypto currency deployment. The first Current media platform was launched in Q2 2017 on the Apple App Store. 

So have you grasp a bit about the Current project? 

if you still a bit confused or want to know more information about this project you can read their Whitepaper here>
For any of you who does not understand English you can read their Whitepaper written in Bahasa Indonesia below :

Okay now, let us back to the discuss about token sales Review at Current's Project ICO event. For your information their ICO event will expire 8 more days or on April 14, 2018. For the funds acquisition, I still haven't get any information about it. But, so far from what i've observed this project has reached their Softcap easily. What made me interested in this project was the Ratings provided by Websites such as or they gave an above average rating . For more details see the picture below. 

With a duration of only 8 days and a high rating. I recommend this ICO for you guys. Moreover if we look from the concept brought by this Project I am Optimistic if this project has Opportunities to compete. 

Learn from my experience yesterday. It is more profitable to buy tokens when ICO is in progress because we will get a sales bonus. Imagine if later the CRNC token is already registered in the market and its price rises more than ico price. calculate how much Profit you will get. 

So buy a CRNC token right now. You will not regret it. 

Oh and this is a little tidbit for you to know, what is CRNC Token. I've pick some informaion for you about it. 

Current designates a portion of CRNC for each newly issued platform sub token that allows the token to pass over the likelihood of occurrence for each network partition. The development allocation of the CRNC token will provide incentives on large media networks to use and implement current protocols by aligning incentives between host platforms, consumers, creators, and curators. Token will be implemented on the Ethereum public blockchain as an ERC20 token. 

Here is Current Project ICO Details 
  • Symbol: CRNC 
  • Sale Amount: 350,000,000 CRNC 
  • Rate: est. $ 0.24 <> 1 CRNC 
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CRNC 
  • MinimumTransaction: 0.03 ETH 
  • Soft Cap: $ 5,000,000 
  • Hard Cap: $ 36,000,000 
  • Accepted Payments: ETH, BTC, NEO 
  • Public Presale Period: February 7, 2018 (12:00 AM CT) - February 21, 2018 (11:59 PM CT) 
  • Main Sale Period: March 14, 2018 (12:00 AM CT) - April 4, 2018 (11:59 PM CT) 
I also provided you a link about them if you want to know more about Project Current.
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