The difference between COBINHOOD with other market exchangers.

Market exchangers are something important for cryptocurrency. because without Market exchangers, crypto coins wouldn't grow. No wonder a crypto coin would die if there is no market exchangers to be sold. Regardless of the need for a crypto coin for a market, there is a problem between, coin, market and the trader themselves. 

Here is some problem that i knew of..
  1. Cryptocurrency coins are difficult to develop due to lack of support from market exchangers.
  2. Inadequate trading of cryptocurrency coins especially bitcoin and ethereum because market exchangers only support multiple Fiat currencies.
  3. Too many ICO's are Scam. Many countries that prohibit its citizens to follow ICO.
  4. Fee trading, for traders with little asset fee will not be too noticeable. But for those who have a great asset trading fees can sometimes be a problem for them.

 Looking at the current problem I would recommend a Cryptocurrency market that will solve the problem that is COBINHOOD.

COBINHOOD is the world's first cryptocurrency market that provides one-stop service for cryptocurrency trading and ICO underwriting, which aims to solve existing Market cryptocurrency problems. One of the main advantages of the Cobinhood Platform is the absence of free trading (0% fee), so traders will get all the profits from trading their cryptocurrency. On the COBINHOOD Platform they can process over 1 million orders per second, so users get the best "Real-time" trading experience. With the advantages COBINHOOD has, they will become the first market cryptocurrency in the world capable of producing high trading volume.

COBINHOOD's platform features

1. Market cryptocurrency without trading fee. 

COBINHOOD is the world's first market cryptocurrency without trading fees with a vision to maximize the profits of traders. Traders can now enjoy "0% fee" for trading and margin trading up to 10x leverage. Average trading rate in market exchangers is currently 0.1 - 0.25% per open Order. For more details see the picture below.

fee trading in other Market

the picture above is few facts that I found in some Market. Let's take an example:
John is a cryptocurrency trader with 1 bitcoin asset. He wants to sell his bitcoin to Usdt with a rate of 4289 usdt / btc. Later John will get 4284,711 Usdt from selling his bitcoin. with detail 1 btc * 4289 usdt-0,1% = 4284,711 Usdt or minus 4,289 usdt (0,1% from current rate) for trading fee. If John trades 20 times a day he will lose 85.78 usdt per day or 2573.4 per month. If he uses COBINHOOD, it wouldn't be like that. 

2. Cryptocurrency Deposit Asset Security. 

COBINHOOD stores most of the cryptocurrency assets inside a multifunctional safety deposit box that requires 5 out of 8 distributed hardware security modules to be opened. Furthermore, cryptocurrency assets stored in online wallet will be supported by insurance. In the last few years we have heard of cases of break-ins exchanger call Bitffinex and Yapizon. They are one of the big Cryptocurrency markets. But they can be hacked by hacker for not having a strong security system. On the COBINHOOD Platform you do not have to be afraid of a hacker hack because COBINHOOD stores all their assets in a multifunctional multifunction that requires 5 out of 8 hardware security modules. Moreover COBINHOOD is supported by insurance it makes them a platform that has a low risk of hacker attacks.

3. The high-performance Open-Order system 

COBINHOOD ensures that the Open-Order system can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond duration. The entire system is designed to be use fully, available properly and scalable automatically.

4. ICO Underwriting Services. 

With the development of blockchain technology many new companies are competing each other to integrate their products and services with blockchain technology. And many ICO are underway to seek funding for their project development. ICO itself is something extraordinary great because with a short duration can raise a fantastic amount of funda. Because of this, a lot of developers created scam projects just to gain profits for their own. As a result some countries forbid their citizens to follow ICO for the security of their personal assets. To address this problem cobinhood has an underwriting ICO service where Cobinhoood positioned itself as an ICO underwriting Platform that has the Authorization to provide ICO eligibility, smartcontract code review and compliance review for ico, with a vision to build a reliable ICO ecosystem.

5. Universal. 

One of the weaknesses of Market Exchangers today is Language. Language becomes a huge barrier for traders to trade. On the Cobinhood Platform it will not be a problem anymore as they are supported with some popular languages. For examples are English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic. 

6. Supports multiple Fiat. 

COBINHOOD will support all major fiat currencies including: USD / EUR / JPY / KRW / CNY / HKD / CAD / GBP / AUD / NTD thus maximizing the traders for profit.

COBINHOOD ICO underwriting features. 

  • ICO Eligibity Test.
    COBINHOOD will focus on high-quality and promising ICO underwriting.
  • ICO Spark.
    COBINHOOD launched the ICO Spark Program to help famous companies or startup companies successfully integrate their products and services with Blockhcain technology.
  • Solving the Liquidity Problem.
    The ICO Token that COBINHOOD will bear will soon be traded in the COBINHOOD market just after the ICO ends. That way will solve the low liquidity problem for ICO tokens on the secondary Market.
  • The Rising Trend of ICOs
    ICOs are revolutionizing the global investment ecosystem. It is estimated that in 2020, funds raised through ICOs will exceed 200B USD.

Roadmap Cobinhood

From the explanation above we can conclude that COBINHOOD platform is the answer to the problems that exist today. With the COBINHOOD platform we do not need to think about trading fees, scam ICOs, and language limitations when trading.

If you are interested in COBINHOOD project you can read their whitepaper here >> Whitepaper Cobinhood

 For the latest information about the cobinhood project you can visit the link below :


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