EARTH TOKEN, the Natural Asset Exchange Platform on the blockchain ethereum network

Climate change is a major risk to the economy of the world. Climate change also affects the wealth and prosperity of people and governments around the world. And a significant impact on resource availability, energy prices and infrastructure vulnerabilities. Governments at all levels creates new regulations that require evidence of adherence to climate change adaptation. While awareness on climate changes and the importance of growth of Natural Assets until now there has been no transparent mechanism for linking Natural Asset producers with buyers or consumers of those assets. Looking at this issue ImpactChoice leading provider of environmental sustainability software makes blockchain platform Natural Asset Exchange and Earth Token cryptocurrency, providing an opportunity to completely transform Natural Assets, by creating a Natural Asset Marketplace that allows all stakeholders to participate. Stakeholders will be able to package their assets with additional service upgrades to create the right offer. Expand the market as a whole and generate additional benefits for all users.

The goal of this project is to combine the strength of Blockchain and cryptocurrency with years of experience creating Environmental Sustainability Solutions to establish an international Natural Asset Exchange that removes current barriers, To participate in activities that conserve the Environment. Using the Natural Asset Exchange Platform will allow certified Natural Capital Asset project developers to register their products such as carbon credits, REC's, metered output, Natural Gas, Petroleum and Coal. Impactchoice uses a unique Blockchain & SmartContract platform, designed specifically for the Natural Asset market at no cost. Natural Assets will be in good place so there is no need for sellers to record costs associated with third parties and withdrawal of assets.

The Natural Asset Exchange platform will support multiple types of devices and operating systems such as Desktop, iOS and Android. While Smart Contracts and custom APIs will be for IoT-connected devices. Since Impactchoice was founded in 2009, they have pioneered the use of representation of Natural Digital Assets. provide innovative environmental sustainability solutions and solve All current barriers such as, Seller controls their own benefits by having access to flexible pricing mechanisms that they can set based on percentage of allocation of funds and All without long-term lock-in contracts

Earth Token usage as currency
EARTH Token (ETN) was created on the Ethereum network as a smartcontract ERC20. By using the Ethereum network, we can eliminate counterparty risk at the currency level. Compliance and settlement will take place simultaneously, under the terms of agreeing Smart Contract between buyer and seller at the time of purchase, essentially Eliminating long lead time. Later EARTH token (ETN) will be used as the internal currency in the Natural Asset Exchange platform to purchase Natural Assets.
Marketing benefits from the use of the Natural Asset Exchange Platform:
  • Allow the sale of Natural Assets to new customers.
  • Includes annual Greenhouse Gas emissions inventory audits (GHG Protocol & HCMI), and provides inputs for reporting on sustainable GRI development & sustainable tourism certification.
  • Provide individual and corporate Customers with real Carbon Assets as incontrovertible evidence to address environmental impacts. 
  • Create a place for customers by making use of social media.

The environmental impact of using the Natural Asset Exchang Platform:
  • Provides the foundation for a long-term environmental sustainability strategy that results in immediate reduction of emissions, that also includes environmental and socio-economic benefits for participating communities
  • A credible and tangible Carbon Asset management program built on blockchain /distributed ledger technology
  • Includes provision of an Energy Management System - typically 3 to 6 physical electricity-use monitoring points per property, which enablesthe identification of electricity use reduction opportunities, billing verification, power factor correction, etc.
  • Will include access to an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System which is currently under development. 

ImpactChoice will hold ICO to sell EARTH Token (ETN). The proceeds from EARTH Token (ETN) sales will be used for the development of the Natural Asset Exchange Platform. If you are interested in participating in the ICO event and want to buy their tokens you can visit their official website and For more information about EARTH Token and Platform Natural Asset Exchange you can visit one of the links below:



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