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 Hello guys, if you're a cryptocurrency trader, maybe this is good news for you guys. Especially if you are a trader with minimal funds. I will introduce a fully decentralized interest-free loan platform. This platform is in the blockchain ethereum network and has enclosed ERC-20.The greatest advantage of this platform is that the loan rate is 300% of your total funds. Imagine how much profit would you get? 100%, 200% or 1000% now it's not a dream for all of you. Without further ado, I introduce you to NIMFAMONEY. The first Cryptocurrency loan platform in the world without interest.


NIMFAMONEY is the world's first cryptocurrency loan platform. Here you can borrow a NIMFA token with a zero interest rate, to be used to buy tokens at ICO or to buy directly at a market exchanger. You will only pay + 10% of the profit when you sell token or when close order. Now you do not need to sell your property , take a loan at the bank, and borrow money from friends or family. Just to buy cryptocurrency. Using Nimfamoney you can get 300% of the total NIMFA tokens you have. To get a 300% loan you have to buy NIMFA tokens when their ico is held. The number of NIMFA tokens available at the ICO event in August 2017 are: 20,000,000 NIMFA tokens (20% of all NIMFA tokens). The value of 1 NIMFA is $ 5. Thus, a collection of commonly placed NIMFA tokens placed on ICO could have the following costs in the end: 20,000,000 NIMFA x $ 5 = $ 100,000,000. During ICO, Nimfamoney imposed a limit of 100,000 tokens NIMFA tokens on 1 person. That's is around $ 500,000. This step is taken to decentralize their rights to get a loan between holders of NIMFA tokens to be Purchased at ICO in August 2017. The total number of token sales at the end of ICO is directly correlated with the size of the cryptocurrency loan fund. And if 20% of all NIMFA tokens traded on the ICO of 20,000,000 NIMFA ($ 100 000 000) were sold so that the total funds could be $ 300,000,000 which would be available for cryptocurrency loans for those who bought the NIMFA tokens at ICO.

How the NIMFAMONEY Platform works.
Let's say you have 1000 NIMFA tokens with a rate of 1 NIMFA = $ 5. So you can borrow 3000 NIMFA tokens ($ 15,000) without interest per month. Can you imagine how much profit you can get when buying altcoin in the market exchanger or when ico takes place with a fund of $ 15,000 USD. And the Nimfamoney party will only get 10% of the total profit you earn. Does it no a promising business to you guys?.To get a 3,000 NIMFA loan, you must deposit 3.3% of the loan amount or 99 NIMFA tokens to gain access to Nimfamoney. This amount goes to Nimfamoney's decentralized cryptocurrency loan fund. After transferring 3.3% of the loan amount, you will immediately get a loan sent to Nimfamoney account. Loan term of between 1 and 30 days. Once you get the benefits you can send all NIMFA tokens along with the 10% profit you get to the Nimfamoney platform.
In the world of loaning business there will always be binding rules and agreements.

To read the rules you can read it in their Whitepaper

 Six reasons for you to benefit from Nimfamoney

I can say that Nimfamoney is an innovation that will change the world of Cryptocurrency to be better than now. Join ICO Nimfamoney if you are looking for a loan.

Nimfamoney Team


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