FundyourselfNow platform crowdfunding revolusioner

FundyourselfNow is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform, designed using blockchain technology that ensures:
Easy funding for project creators!
Greater accountability for project backers!
Expert advice from project helpers!

Fundyourselfnow will help the project creator to get funding from the global investor quickly. Through smart-contract located in blockchain ethereum network. FundyourselfNow will create a virtual Token that will be used by the investor to fund the project.

Token then can be traded or sold via internal marketplace. For investors, In an unfavorable event that the creator fails to fulfill their promise, the investor may choose to stop or delay payments and refund their money. With greater accountability, everyone in FundyourselfNow will be more assured to put their money in risky projects.


The Token sale of FundYourselfNow (FYN) will open on 13 June 2017 at 14:00 UTC +8; DATE July 31, 2017 at 17.00 UTC + 8 
Currency received: ETH (Ethereum)

How to Buy / Get FYN Token 

Visit the link above to create an account on ICO FundyourselNow website.

Copy the Ethereum address to deposit "0xB1021477444C6566509e1b80d2C99E9603A31C47"

Open and press "Send Ether and token" then login.

If you already logged in, put the etherium address that you copied.
Input the amount of ETH / Ethereum you want to deposit
Rate Exchange:
 1 ETH for 120 FYN Token (13 June 2017 - 4 July 2017, 14:00 UTC + 8) [Initial Bonus].
1 ETH for 100 FYN Token (4 July 2017, 14:01 UTC + 8 -31 July 2017, at 17:00 UTC + 8).

Press "Generate Transaction", then press send Transaction. And finally press "Yes, i am make transaction" to confirm the transaction.

If Ethereum is sent, you just need to Add FYN token in your account. Here is the instruction:

Copy the etherium wallet address on the website

Search the "Add costum Token". 
for the token symbol input "FYN".
For the decimals input "18".
And lastly, press "save".

Now you just need to wait for the FYN token to be sent when ICO sale ended, 7 days after ICO ended to be more precise.

FundYourselfnow Minimum initial target of 1.5 million US Dollars, calculated using the ETH price at the end of the ICO period. This will ensure that FundYourselfnow is funded properly. If they do not reach the minimum funding target. Funds will be refunded. Unsold tokens will be transferred to locked contracts that will only be released when they conduct a second ICO to raise additional capital to develop the company.

FundYourselfNow has raised around 1,433,595.19 USD / 4347.14 ETH (update date: 29 June 2017).

So there is no doubt to buy FYN token because they are one step away from their ICO Success. Buy now before you regret in the future. Do not repeat your regrets like BITCOIN.
Join the global investors and gain benefits from FundYourselfNow.

To know the latest info about the development of Foundyourself you can visit the link below:

Username : kidbounty

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