Benefits and Utility of pillar Project

Benefits and Utility of pillar

1. pillar is not just a wallet in general. The pillar wallet is basically open-source so everyone who has the ability can develop it. Especially pillar wallet, it has features such as exchangers, browser, and much more.

2. Pillar wallet is very safe and secured. Pillar is a platform that can blockchain network so all activities will be decentralized.

3. With pillar, everything will be easier.
Do you ever thought of going somewhere or even abroad for a purpose? What will you need?. First, trip tickets whether it's plane tickets, trains, buses, and others. To the two inns as you travel. The three tickets to the theme park or recreation area. Or when you are sick, what do you need. The most important thing is the doctor. Second is the medical prescription. In this modern era all is simply done with existing applications on your smartphone or computer. Such as ticket payments, hotel bookings, ticket purchases, medical bills / hospital bills. Purchase of medical prescription. To do all those things you need an application, but you will need to download lots of application for those things. Thankfully with pillars, you only needed one app, to do all of those above.

4. Pillar as an universal means of payment.
Often each applications has its own payment method. With the pillar wallet, you can pay everything with Pillar tokens. Unlike currency in general, pillar is a universal payment tool so it can be used in any other countries.
From the above explanation we can concluded that pillar is a something we should have in the future.

The Pillar Wallet

Having waited patiently for 15 years, we believe the moment is here now. We will start by building the world’s best cryptocurrency and token wallet. We will focus on the user experience - to make it as easy as possible to set up and use a wallet. There are a few excellent wallets - we have our work cut out for us. But since our target is to build a dashboard for your digital life, our wallet will be different. Our wallet will be mobile first. It will include a browser, and we hope to include one or more exchanges. We want the experience to be as easy as possible. We’ll be targeting specific use cases and personas and working to make their experience as familiar and powerful as possible. Almost everyone is a beginner. Almost everyone finds managing private keys challenging. Almost everyone doesn’t appreciate the complexity behind wallets and exchanges and smart contracts. This is our mission - to simplify, build a strong foundation, and keep adding what our customers want next.

Then how do you get a pillar token?.
Pillar tokens can be purchased at ICO on July 15 at 08:00 GMT and ends 60 hours later on July 17 at 20:00 GMT.
800 million tokens will be issued, 560 million will be sold to the public. Prices will be announced on 14 June. Prices remain the same until ICO sales ends.

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