a new project for the future of cryptocurrency

Facing the cryptocurrency market, which increasingly has many challenges, accurate solutions and answers are needed to overcome the problems that are currently occurring and also problems that might happen in the future. The solution taken is not just an idea but also a breakthrough that might be possible. Ethereum as the second of the best cryptocurrency in the world is now facing the reality that post-of-work, is the one which brings them into many issues. It is the root of the problem of what happened to the distribution network. Exchanging from Post-of-work to post-of-stake might be one of the solutions that could be considered. However, it is needed a huge complex effort for the resources as well as to balance it. Ethereum is a problem that cannot be solved with only a short period. However, Ethereum provides an all-purpose environment that looks forward and balanced in decentralization, scaling, and security.

Ethereum Classic Vision which is a new cryptocurrency is readily offering a solution for the problems happened to Ethereum such as scaling, inefficient mining, and a high saving database cost. Being built as a sophisticated, fast, very decentralization system, and easy for scale, Ethereum Classic Vision’s goals truthfully does not in line with what proof-of-work offers. However, proof-of-work will still be used for some period before changing it to proof-of-stake with an assertive and confidence transition.

Why Using Ethereum Classic Vision?

Ethereum Classic Vision has goals of becoming a real-life application from Blockchain, a truly decentralized application, which can serve as a basis for adopting cryptocurrency payments. As to realize this, a commitment to decentralization is surely needed which is also a characteristic of Ethereum Classic. There are four advantages and solutions that Ethereum Classic Vision offers to solve the problems. Those are Vision DEX exchanging decentralization; a develop decentralize application platform, sharding, and IPFS integration saving data storage. Here are the explanations :
  • Exchanges Decentralization
Vision Dex – exchanging decentralization is one of the advantages of using Ethereum Classic Vision. Providing a way for the holders to operate the market without depending on a centralized exchange is the urgency of the team. It also makes sure that the holders have full control of their assets. There would not be any hackers happened to stole it because decentralize P2P cryptocurrency is being assimilated to Vision Dex. The exchanging also to shield them from the closing by authorities, crime, and bankruptcy.

Smart contract holds an essential job in Vision Dex. It is because all of the primary function will be operated by it, such as order books management, order adjustment, and asset exchanging as well as a Multisig Escrow which cannot be trusted, holding of the currency sent by the buyers until the amount of the matching in other currencies is received from the seller. In this system also allows users to save not only ETCV but others such as ETH, ETC because of the principle of constructive currency neutrality. What's more, with the Ethereum Classic Vision application or what is called dApps assets created in the platform can be registered and available before the project is launched. Later Node Ethereum will become a host of Vision Dex which can make the availability of anonymized trades open.

Transaction costs at Vision Dex will be tried to be in a shallow position because there is no authenticator. However, audits of smart contracts must still be carried out to keep them from attacks such as overflow and other vulnerabilities. It will be done from April to May 2019. For the second application, trading margin, limit order, and others the market tool might be introduced.
  • Platform for decentralizing use
The decentralized application development platform is another advantage that the holders can get from Ethereum Classic Vision. Ethereum which develops the dApss is honestly still far from an efficient solution because of the number of applications that continue to grow causes congestion because most fail to be able to adopt. It ultimately forces all systems to obey the central of the Ethereum.

Therefore, Ethereum Classic Vision will develop its own new decentralize application to give the blockchain startup an alternative environment. Plug-and-play application and module made by the community from ECV will also be presented as a cost-free in ETCV. The exciting part is that the app will include front-end and back-end tools to be added on Android or iOS. Smart contracts will only be charged for one placement. However, later the community will decide whether to use quick mode or not because of the liberate the resources. Ethereum itself was eventually abandoned due to lack of funding but still exists on the network.

The platform would support Ethereum Virtual Machine and Solidity. Moreover, using JavaScript and Vyper can also be used by the developers. Moving dApss from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic Vision will also be made accessible.

On the second implementation, there will be a lot to be introduced. It is expected to be a comprehensive feature that will be limitedly available for the users. Founders of non-tech startups can make prototypes using a blockchain that can be used as a drag-and-drop element. Then the sidechains for personal hosting and smart content will be presented as well. That is to help to ensure that the potential vulnerability of the application will not cause the stability problems for Ethereum Classic Vision. Adding the migration option of dApps can also be expected in this implementation.

  • Sharding
One of the most urgent issues to figure out is how to process multiple transactions in short, and it seems like this faced by the almost entire blockchain. Moreover, for now, scaling is a challenge for the blockchain that is very urgent. When the Ethereum blockchain can only process one payment at a time, it means better scaling is needed which does not lean on the total capacity of each payment computer in the network. For proof-of-work problems alone, PoW can only process 15 transactions per second. Ethereum handles 25 operations per second. Whereas Visa handles 24 transactions per second. Ethereum with all the benefits it has, decentralization, records of immortality, and low costs, but unfortunately, the network's inability can hamper its future development. Sometimes this also triggers large transaction deposits that can stop the system entirely like the example of crypto kitties that become erratic.

Ideally, the blockchain system must have three elements: security, scaling, and decentralization. However, only a few details are achieved. As in the case of Ethereum Classic, decentralized is excellent and safe but has a problem with scaling. Another example is Cardano, which is good and reliable but is centered. The delay that causes Ethereum can only process 25 transactions due to the consensus algorithm that requires approval from the node for each transaction. The transition to PoS is the right decision for scaling problems, but additional action must be taken for future growth.
Therefore, the best solution offered by Ethereum Classic Vision is implementing sharding. Sharding is a concept where networks are divided into fragments, or fractions, each of which is decentralized. This concept is expected to become a new standard for other cryptocurrencies. Because nodes only process-related information, users do not need to be busy with transactions that occur with different fractions.

Ethereum Classic Vision will introduce sidechain with functions as a source of Pseudorandomness for the application of sharding. The use of sharding to Ethereum Classic Vision requires only 1 / n hashrate to compromise the whole fraction, and this is more vulnerable to attack. One way to avoid this is to ensure that the selection of validators is randomly selected. What will act as a liaison in this process is a flare chain that also carries information on the condition of each shard. Though sidechain's roles itself is not a part of the Ethereum Classic Vision blockchain, besides, a system will process if users make payment transactions in one shard to someone else's shard.

With the introduction of this sharding, it is expected that Ethereum Classic Vision can increase its capacity to 10,000 tps in the first phase of implementation and 100 fractions in the system. August-September 2019 it is likely that the flare chain will be launched and tested it on test net. Then in the second phase, the number of fractions will experience dynamic growth.

  • Integration of IPFS data storage
Another advantage of using Ethereum Classic Vision is the IPFS data storage integration. Storage of large volumes of data is also a challenge for blockchain and dApps. Data storage is undoubtedly as important as scaling problems. On the blockchain itself the more amount of data to be stored, the more costs that must be incurred. For example, 1 GB of data requires thousands of dollars. For this reason, a centralized server is needed to store data even though it is contrary to the concept of decentralization and can cause failure of one system. However, Ethereum Classic Vision has prepared a solution that can solve these problems. A more decentralized solution.

The solution is IPFS or the Interplanetary File System. The system is operational, fully decentralized, and there have been thousands of users. IPFS and blockchain have very different technologies but have similarities. The way IPFS works is that large files will be stored in a divided manner, each fraction receiving a unique hash cryptographic almost like the blockchain. The fractions of each file will be stored in many copies by many users and will undoubtedly remain there even if the user is offline. Updates to the hash will also automatically occur if there is a new file that enters the system. For confidential data and proprietary rights, storage can use standard cryptographic mechanisms.

However, one thing to be considered that IPFS is not a project but another system that is easy to integrate with the protocol and one of which is Ethereum Classis Vision. Monetary benefits will be introduced to save files paid in ETCV coins. The download speed will be quite high but not the price that must be paid. The cost to pay for storing data will be lower than Amazon and Azure. Download speeds will also be high for applications that have resources such as rendering platforms.

Moreover, later these costs will be used to develop and promote the Ethereum Classic Network to a further stage. Among them are protocols, consensus-based devices that are protocol, research, and sharding. They plan to launch the introduction of the Storage Module close to the launch of dApps in July-August 2019. Things that will be ensured to run well with the implementation of the consensus protocol are the distribution of benefits for miners given reasonably, energy efficiency, and the level of security of the project that covers all.

ETH Network Distribution
Ethereum Classic Vision will take a snapshot form ETH network which will be scheduled for January 11st 2019 after that there will be Ethereum Classic Vision first coin distribution. One thing to be considered that besides the benefits described above, during the upcoming hard fork in January 11st 2019, all the Ethereum holders will get 3 ETCV for their wallet, but the ETH must have holders first in their purse. The ratio ETCV that the holders get will be 1: 3. For Example, the holders will get 300 ETCV if their portfolio has 100 ETH. Things to be considered that there is only a free ETCV after the hard fork. Any holders who have the ETH in their exchange wallet are not titled for the prizes. The coins could be disposed of or transferred to a stock exchange, sell it, or exchange it once the snapshot is done. Also, in the next few months, ETCV will be registered in some large cryptocurrency exchanges and also will launch its dApp development frame, where new services can be created and applied. They can also add their assets to a build P2P exchange - Vision Dex. In short, please make sure that you are one of the holders who get the free coins!

Hard fork Ethereum - Ethereum classic Vision - 11.01.19

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Endchain is a solution for global logistics

Endchain is a solution for global logistics - The problem of counterfeiting of goods is not new, there are already many fake items circulating today ranging from clothing, food, medicine, cosmetics and even electronic goods even though there are already many that are counterfeited. Many consumers are disappointed and so does the producers, they certainly suffer losses due to this problem. there are already many ways to solve this problem starting from the shipping level, to the stage of providing a unique code so that the item cannot be faked. But this method is old-fashioned, because fraudsters are even smarter they can do anything to gain benefit from selling or distributing fake items. 

Seeing the importance of resolving this problem, some people made a study and produced a brilliant concept that is Endchain. A supply chain that is directly connected with cryptocurrency technology. Make it free from forgery. 

Want to know what is Endchain read my article below. 
Endchain is a solution for global logistics
EndChain is a blockchain utility company that is waiting for a patent for their technology. Endchain focuses on bringing the mass adoption of global blockchain tracking. With cheap technology, people can use their technology. Broadly speaking, their technology is based on a combination of QR codes and Barcodes. They believe that with this technology there will be mass adoption by logistics companies around the world. Endchain technology does not use NFC chips, so it is clear that this is very cheap compared to other platforms, meaning that endchain does not only target large markets, but they will go directly to the middle and lower markets to solve logistical fraud problems. Newly developed startup companies will be able to use Endchain services, with the best service but cheaper. 

Not only that, Endchain also tries to maximize the potential of their platform, so there are no tokens that are not used. one of the big problems that exists in the crypto market is that the adoption rate of utility token by users is still too small. That's why endchain focuses on ensuring a crowded market by involving companies to buy endchain tokens. 

By using endchain it is clear that consumers will be satisfied because they get original goods, the company will also benefit from their sales. This provides the best solution for users and their investors. 

How the Endchain service works 
Endchain's QR code is very unique because it combines barcodes in QR codes. With this QR code, it makes easier for users to ask for a QR code because only one codes in the package. With Endchain's QR code it also makes it easier for other scanners that rely on old barcode technology will be able to scan barcodes. Thus, the EndChain QR code can work on all types of systems. An added benefit is that a single code could update any blockchain and any internal legacy system with a single scan. The aim is to reduce complexity while increasing efficiency. 
Endchain is a solution for global logistics
Currently Endchain is starting ICO to sell ENCN tokens, the ENCN token is an erc20 token created using Smartcontract ethereum technology. The function of the ENCN token is as a payment tool that will be used on Endchain's services. For those who want to join and buy their tokens, you can go directly to their official website. 

Here's Endchain's token details: 
  • Token Name: ENCN 
  • Token type: ERC20 
  • ICO Price: 0.2400 USD 
  • Soft cap: 4 000 000 USD 
  • Hard cap: 15 000 000 USD 
Funds collected during the ICO will be used for the development and operational costs of the Platform. 

Endchain will also use 2-4% of their revenue resulting from the profits to burn endchain tokens, so each year the total supply will continue to decrease. This will be very good for token holders because they will gain benefit from this. 

My conclusion about the Endchain Project: 
For me endchain is a good project, I like the way their services work. I think all of that is very realistic. For the patent itself, I don't pay much attention because in my opinion their technology is not too fantastic. But herein lies their superiority, endchain strives to make services that are cheap and reliable. If usually other companies make services to get big profits. but they are different, they take a very good approach and are worthy to be imitated by other companies. 

For those of you who want to find the latest information about this project, please visit one of the links below.

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What is GGPRO

Current technological developments have increased rapidly every year. At present the gaming industry is one of the businesses bound by this technological development. Today, the game industry is still not well implemented, there is still a lot to be developed because the gaming industry has great potential in a very profitable business. In this world, the gaming industry can save around 11 trillion. This is a very large number for developing countries like Indonesia. The perspective of people who think games are just games is a barrier for game developers. Therefore many quality game developers don’t want to make it a permanent profession.

About GGPro

GGPro is a blockchain platform that has created new opportunities for interaction between the gaming community, sponsors and game developers. Steam platform integration allows players to make money when playing popular games (DOTA2, CS: GO, Battlerite). Player2Player’s unique promotion system — this innovative solution by the GGPro team allows sponsors and developers of any level to get effective product promotion. This method is based on players who promote products among themselves.

This can be seen from a technology application called Blockchain that has been widely used by most financial companies and individual businesses as a sophisticated tool for making transactions that are safe, transparent, automatic, and capable of processing data faster. The combination created to build the world gaming economy is to utilize blockchain technology. This combination has been made by the blockchain-based game industry project, GGPRO.com.

Because being the Best Company in the whole world is ideal for this project, an effective company has been established. With a large number of products, of course this is an opportunity for people to invest in a national scale to continue to develop their business. our project wants to be the best project in the world, that’s not impossible, because the resources owned by this company are very large.

The main features of our platform:
Unique game monetization system. Steam platform integration allows players to earn money while playing popular games.
Unique Player2Player promotion system. This innovative solution by the GGPro team allows sponsors and developers of any level to get effective product promotions. This method is based on players who promote products among themselves.
Implement MVP. Our MVP that has been implemented supports monetization in Dota 2, CS: GO, Battlerite and directly connects gamers and sponsors.
GGPro is a multi-million audience. The target audience of our potential projects is more than 70 million active Steam users.
Global ecosystem. GGPro services also provide powerful capabilities for all platform users, by connecting them in a unified global ecosystem.
Blockchain. The application of Smart contract technology allows secure interaction between gamers, sponsors and developers.

GGPro Ecosystem

An intra-platform trading system that allows all users to buy, sell and exchange in-game items through GGP tokens. Which is based on smart contracts and provides absolute transparency and security for each transaction.

Intra-platform services that also allow all users to be able to make GGP token transactions for cryptocurrency and other fiat quickly, safely and at a minimal cost.

Token information

Token GGP
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 GGP = 0.0002143 ETH
Price in ICO 0.0846 USD


50% on PreSale stage.
Tokens for sale 70,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 0.5 ETH
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
Distributed in ICO 70%

Soft cap 10000 ETH
Hard cap 30000 ETH


Q1 2018
Idea of platform;
Smart Development of platform.

Q2 2018
Development and testing of GGPro. Promotion prototype.

Q3 2018
Launch beta version of GGPro.Promotion;
Access to cryptocurrency exchanges;
Addition and support of new games and platforms.

Q4 2018
Launch of GGPro.Wallet;
Launch of in-game items shop GGPro.Market;
Launch of a sponsor merchandise shop GGPro.Sale.

Q1 2019
Launch of intra-platform invest system in cybersport GGPro.MyTeam;
Launch of intra-platform invest system in game developers GGPro.MyGame;
Launch of intra-platfrom exchange GGPro.Exchange;
Launch of mobile and PC application GGPro.APP.

Q2 2019
Implementation of ranking system;
Implementation of donation system GGPro.Donation.

Q3 2019
Intra-platform solo and tram ranking sysytem, holding competitions under GGPro.Competetive program;
Encouraging the growth of an intra-platfrom gaming community GGPro.Community.

Q4 2019
Inclusion of mobile games segment into operations;
Cooperation with developers in implementing in-game trade system GGPto.API.



If you want to take part in this project, please follow the link below

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My Opinion and observation about the Humancoin project.

Greetings, you guys meet with me  again today. In the past few weeks I had rarely made a review of the ICO project because of my busy schedule  in the real world. when I have time, I will make an article about the Humancoin project according to my personal observations.

The Humancoin project is a revolutionary platform that transforms the philanthropic industry for good, which was specifically created to work in synergy with the e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets. Humancoin has an interesting thing, namely Proof of Charity mining protocol, where you can get rewards by donating. Even though the rewards you get are not compared to what you donate. But all of that is the appreciation of humancoin for you generous people. Rewards that can be obtained are Vouchers, Bonuses, Points and others that can be used in e-commerce in collaboration with the Humancoin project. In the future Humancoin will work with large e-commerce companies around the world such as Amazon, Airbnb, Alibaba.com, Booking.com and others. not only that they also plan to partner with airlines, cryptocurrency Exchanges, Game industry and entertainment and service businesses. Regardless of whether they operate with cryptocurrency or not.

I think the Humancoin Project is a very good breakthrough, where they uses Blockchain technology for Charity Platforms. Before this project existed, I had thought, why do developers only develop blockchain technology for something normal - usually there is no innovation. But after this project was present I finally found out that Blockchain would never run out of ideas to explore.

Humancoin is running the ICO and on this day precisely on October 24, 2018 they have collected $ 6,456,074 USD if calculated using ethereum they have collected 31,960 ETH (Rate 1ETH = $ 202).

31K ETH and that number can still be increased considering that their ICO still has 1 week left. I think 31K eth is a lot and in the current situation where the market price can't be guessed, such amount is already an extraordinary achievement. Many projects even seems to be difficult to raise funds above 1 million USD. So Humancoin is a lucky project that can achieve this result. That os the reason and sign that many are interested in this project.

Then what about Humancoin's popularity? many may wonder how popular this project is. so I find out about it. According to the Alexa.com website, the Humancoin website has a Global rating of 480,649 and 534,629 for the Russian rankings. For more details, see the picture below.

Rarely does a website that has just been launched for a few months can get an Alexa Rank, but Humancoin already achieve one, which means that many people has visited the Humancoin website even now. Maybe this evidence can show how popular this project is. for ratings you can conclude yourself, honestly I'm not too interested in discussing this. because almost all ICO Rating websites are not objective.

Discussing back to the Humancoin project, this project has the following advantages:
  • Blockchain solves the problem of trust by providing transparency, search, and security.
  • Donors can quickly donate to the world, monitor their spending online, receive benefits from platform partners.
  • The symbiosis of e-commerce and cryptocurrency will facilitate an increase in the number of donors. There is also the option to receive a "receipt" for each donation that will be used for tax reduction purposes depending on the tax jurisdiction of the donor.

Finally, is the Humancoin Platform effective for collecting donations?. We couldn't know that until their platform is released, but according to my prediction the Proof of Charity system might work. What is the reason ? the reason is simple because humans basically have a sense of humanity, but they have no interest in it because there is nothing that can move them. for such a reason, a system like this is made, humancoin hopes that by giving rewards to donors they may be more interested in donating their money to people in need.

If you want to find the latest information about the Humancoin project, you can visit one of the links below :
  1. Website : https://www.humancoin.net/
  2. Whitepaper : http://docs.humancoin.net/HumanCoin_whitepaper_en.pdf
  3. Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4469466
  4. Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/Humancoinnet/
  5. Twitter : https://twitter.com/humancoinnet
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Ingot Coin a Project that connects you to the Crypto Community

Hi everyone, It's been a while since i write an ICO review?. Maybe you are wondering why I rarely write a review about an ICO project. The reason is because there are no good projects to review. But this time it's different, I got a suggestion from a friend to observe a project called Ingot Coin. The first time I saw, Ingot? strange name in my opinion. Moreover they have a concept that I think is less innovative. The concept is a Wallet, if you have followed the development of the ICO from the beginning of 2017, you must be tired of seeing a project like this. But despite all that, I saw something different from this project. To know what about this project that is different from my opinion , please read my article below. 
Blockchain is a technology that will continue to be developed. Many new technologies are generated from the blockchain network. The main reason why blockchain is becoming popular now is because its decentralization, transparency and cannot be changed or manipulated. Many companies are competing to integrate their platform with the blockchain network. One of them is INGOT COIN, a project that has a Multi function Wallet concept. Usually Wallet is only used to store your coins or tokens. But have you ever thought there was a wallet that could accommodate various kinds of altcoins in one place and have Digital bank services, Market Exchanges, Brokers, and ICO Accelerators. usually these features only exist on an Exchange market, but now like reverse Wallet that has features similar to Market Exchange. Or to put it simply an Exchange located in the All in One Wallet Platform. Here is few things i've write to make you more understand about INGOT COIN. 

INGOT COIN is the first integrated Wallet with Digital Bank, Broker, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All components are rolled into a single and complete ecosystem, which rewards token holders and consumers for using and contributing. INGOT COIN is a decentralized cryptocurrency that provides benefits and discounts in the ecosystem itself. The IC will be based on ERC20 technology. INGOT Coin (IC) aims to integrate the traditional financial industry with blockchain innovation by presenting a complete ecosystem that provides crypto access to all financial services. Its first all-inclusive ecosystem will be a pioneer in connecting the crypto universe with the traditional world today. Ecosystem IC includes: IC Wallets, Digital Bank IC, IC Brokers, IC Exchange, IC ICO Accelerator and Crypto IC Certifiers all under one umbrella connected by IC Community. 
Ingot Coin is not a newly introduced project anymore, since they have been around since May 2017. But it was just booming or viral a few weeks ago. The reason is simple because investors only know how much of their ICO income. although not officially notified by the Ingot Coin Developer. But there is a leak that says Ingot Coin has raised more than 40 million USD. Back to our previous topic, the reason why Ingot Coin is different. Ingots coins are different because of the features and services they provide for their users later. Maybe a Bank with Digital Bank support may be common, but if combined with Market Exchange. And ICO Accelerators. make this platform perfect. In the future, when the Ingot Coin Platform can be used, we don't have to bother to move our Token or coin, just to sell it. Just one click, we can sell it directly in our wallet without any hassle nor trouble. 

Below are the benefits that you can get if the Ingot Coin Platform is released:
  • You can trade in the internal Ingot Coin market with Crypto Vs Crypto pairs, Crypto vs Fiat, Fiat vs. Fiat, and others. 
  • An always active Digital bank support service for 24/7 
  • Wallet that can store all types of Altcoin. 
  • One-Stop-Shop to create an ICO. 
  • Guaranteed Ecosystem Environment. 
  • The best security, the reason this project was made is to eliminate the problem of wallet hackings that often happens. For this reason, a project called Ingot Coin was made. 
  • Fund Management, sometimes we are not careful in managing our Fund for that reason alone, Ingot Coin tries to give the best by creating a feature that can control your funds.
Currently Ingot Coin have entered the final phase of their ICO. if you are interested in this project maybe this is the right time to buy their tokens. 
For your information, Ingot Coin has partners that are pretty good. Perhaps of this reason this a lot of people who are interested in this project, here are some partners who joined the Ingot Coin project.

Created By : Kidbounty

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DATABLOCKCHAIN sebuah solusi untuk perdagangan Bigdata yang berkualitas

Perkembangan suatu perusahaan tidak lepas dari DATA. Tanpa data suatu perusahaan tidak akan bisa berkembang, karena data menjadi tolok ukur untuk mengembangkan perusahaan tersebut. Perusahaan tidak akan pernah tahu apa yang diinginkan konsumen tanpa adanya data. Sekarang tantangannya adalah bagaimana membawa produk atau layanan anda ke pasar. Strategi dan rencana apa yang anda perlukan agar produk atau layanan anda diterima oleh konsumen dan sambil memperkenalkan produk atau layanan anda ke konsumen baru. Untuk itu diperlukan suatu data agar perusahaan bisa menganalisa permintaan konsumen saat ini. Melihat hal ini banyak perusahaan berlomba untuk menyediakan data yang dibutuhkan oleh perusahaan – perusahaan lain, dari disinilah industri perdagangan data terlahir. Perlu diketahui Pedagangan data sudah ada sebelum era Cryptocurrency dimulai. setiap tahun permintaan akan data terus meningkat dari perusahaan – perusahaan. 

Saat ini perusahaan, entitas atau merek yang ingin memperoleh kumpulan data tertentu harus menghabiskan banyak waktu dan sumber daya untuk mencari sumber yang memenuhi target khalayaknyanya, menegosiasikan biaya, dan menetapkan standar privasi untuk transfer data. Ini mengarah pada penurunan kualitas dan duplikasi catatan data. Ketiga (3) tantangan ini tidak hanya menjadikannya sangat mahal untuk mengidentifikasi dan memperoleh beberapa data yang diperlukan untuk membangun data akurat. tetapi untuk usaha kecil dan menengah hal tersebut menciptakan penghalang untuk memasuki pasar data. 

Karena itu Databroker memberikan solusi dengan cara membuat sebuah pasar yang transparan untuk perdagangan DATA. Dengan cara ini kita bisa menyelesaikan masalah duplikasi data dan menjaga kualitas data. Hal yang menarik dari Databroker adalah mereka sepenuhnya tunduk pada undang – undang yang berlaku dan mereka tidak akan mempublikasikan data – data yang menyangkut data keuangan siapapun. Semua data di jaga keamanan dan keasliannya. Dengan perdagangan Peer-to-peer di dalam jaringan blockchain. Databroker berharap tidak ada lagi perusahaan yang kesulitan mencari data yang berkualitas. 

Tujuan DataBlockChain.io adalah untuk menyediakan solusi komprehensif yang berfungsi baik sebagai peningkatan ke sisi permintaan dan penawaran industri data, dan memecahkan dua kelemahan utama pasar : sumber data yang berbeda dan kurangnya transparansi transaksional, baik dalam pemanfaatan dan pembayaran, hingga pemilik data. 
berikut Industri yang terus menunjukkan kebutuhan yang meningkat akan jenis data dan transparansi yang disediakan oleh DataBlockChain.io 
  • Blockchain 
  • CPG 
  • Pendidikan 
  • Otomotif 
  • Travel 
  • Keuangan 
  • Politik 
  • Kebugaran dan kesehatan 
  • Militer dan pemerintah 
DataBlockChain.io akan merevolusi industri data terdaftar dengan menghilangkan perantara yang tidak perlu dan menciptakan sumber data dan proses pengiriman yang lebih efisien. DataBlockChain.io akan membangun Pengguna Antarmuka terpadu untuk memungkinkan entitas pada pencarian berbagai sumber data yang berbeda dan beragam untuk catatan yang cocok dengan parameter permintaan pencarian mereka. Parameter dapat berkisar dari atribut geografis, demografi, psikografi dan perilaku. Kueri tunggal akan dapat menjangkau ratusan sumber dan miliaran catatan. 

Dengan menggunakan Mesin Cerdas Pengindeks (Smart Indexing Engine) akan menggunakan analisis prediktif (sejenis kecerdasan buatan dengan menggunakan analisis data dan mesin pembelajaran ) pada Pembuatan Skor Kepercayaan untuk memberikan data yang paling akurat dan terbaru. Hal ini juga dapat menggabungkan sumber untuk menyediakan semua atribut yang diperlukan. Entitas akan menerima satu set catatan yang dapat diunduh dan digunakan. Kumpulan catatan dapat berupa satu individu yang cocok dengan semua parameter atau jutaan catatan yang cocok dengan parameter Agen Backend (Ethereum / Smartcontrac) akan tetap melacak semua sumber yang digunakan untuk menyediakan data ke entitas. Hal ini akan menghitung dan menghilangkan pembayaran ke semua sumber yang terlibat berdasarkan perjanjian lisensi dengan agen-agen tersebut. 

Pembayaran dilakukan segera dan tidak memerlukan otorisasi, faktur manual, atau transfer bank antar Bank. Untuk transparansi lengkap, sebuah Blockchain berbasis Ethereum digunakan untuk semua manajemen sumber catatan, faktur dan pembayaran. Kontrak cerdas digunakan untuk melacak penggunaan catatan dan multipleks sumber lisensi dan data. Semua pembayaran dilakukan melalui Koin DBC cryptocurrency DataBlockChain.io. 
Mitra sumber data dapat menggunakan berbagai model pemberian lisensi untuk menambahkan kumpulan data mereka ke dalam sistem. Mereka dapat memberikan data mereka untuk ditambahkan ke kumpulan data kami atau mereka dapat menggunakan API (Oracle) untuk memberikan sistem kami akses ke data mereka. API dapat digunakan oleh Mesin Cerdas Pengindex untuk meminta data dari mitra data dan membangun indeks heuristik untuk pencarian cepat. Setiap sumber data dianalisis, dinilai dan diurutkan. Skor Kepercayaan diterapkan ke setiap sumber berdasarkan usia data dan atribut yang tersedia. Skor Kepercayaan adalah organik dan berubah seiring semakin banyak data teranalisis dan karena data digunakan dalam sistem. Skor Kepercayaan yang lebih tinggi diterjemahkan menjadi pembayaran yang lebih tinggi untuk mitra sumber data. Mitra Sumber Data dan datanya dipisahkan satu sama lain. Hanya Mesin Cerdas Pengindex yang tahu sumber mana yang menyediakan data yang dimaksud. Privasi data serta privasi dari mitra data dilindungi. Karena semua transaksi pembayaran dilakukan melalui Blockchain, Mitra Sumber Data dapat mempercayai pembayaran akan langsung dan tetap. Kemampuan penelusuran penuh catatan tersedia untuk Mitra Sumber Data. 

Data yang berada di Platform DATABLOCKCHAIN bisa digunakan untuk : 
  • Data untuk Digital / Pemasaran Daring 
  • Data untuk Pemodelan Analisis 
  • Data untuk Pembelian Media 
  • Data untuk Pemasaran Langsung 
  • Data untuk CRM / Retensi Pelanggan 
  • Data untuk Akuisisi Pelanggan 
  • Data untuk Peningkatan Data Yang Ada 
  • Data untuk Manajemen Risiko 
  • Data untuk Perusahaan Asuransi Kesehatan 
  • Data untuk Pemeriksaan Latar Belakang 
  • Data untuk Pencari Orang 
  • Data untuk Prospek Real-Time 
Model Bisnis 
Meskipun BigData secara tradisional hanya tersedia untuk perusahaan besar, DataBlockChain.io menurunkan penghalang untuk masuk dan memperluas basis klien potensial kami untuk memasukkan usaha kecil, menengah dan besar di seluruh dunia maupun Penjualan Token pencari data untuk usaha baru mereka. 

DataBlockChain.io akan berkolaborasi dengan jaringan aneka ragam mitra data yang menyumbang miliaran poin data dari ribuan sumber. DataBlockChain.io akan mengelola dan membantu memonetisasi data mereka untuk membantu mitra data tersebut menjangkau khalayak global yang lebih luas dari calon pelanggan. 

Ketika pelanggan melakukan pemesanan pada DataBlockChain.io yang menggunakan mitra, baik dengan DataBlockChain.io dan dengan mitra data akan mendapatkan persentase dari penjualan. Pendekatan DataBlockChain.io akan merampingkan dan memaksimalkan keuntungan untuk semua pihak yang terlibat. 

Ada tiga model pendapatan yang berbeda : 
1. Model Pendapatan Primer 
  • Mitra Big Data berkontribusi melalui API 
  • Data tidak dihosting oleh DataBlockChain.io tetapi diindeks oleh SIE 20/80 
  • Model pembagian pendapatan 
2. Model Pendapatan Sekunder 
  • Data DataBlockChain.io 
  • Data disimpan secara lokal di Gudang Data Aman 
  • 100% Pendapatan 
3. Model Pendapatan Tersier 
  • Data Partner Onboard Data to DataBlockChain.io 
  • Data disimpan dan disimpan secara lokal di Gudang Data Aman 
  • Model Pembagian Pendapatan 50/50
hal yang saya suka dari DATABLOCKCHAIN adalah telah bekerjasama dengan media Direct,inc untuk menjadi supply data. Perlu diketahui Media Direct,inc adalah sebuah perusahaan yang menyediakan Bigdata kepada perusahaan – perusahaan besar di seluruh dunia seperti Verizon, AT & T, Wells Fargo, Nissan, Chrysler, Harte Hanks, Ford, Chevy, Lifetime Networks, Walgreens dan masih banyak lagi. Media Direct,Inc. telah menghabiskan waktu bertahun-tahun untuk mengumpulkan, menyortir, memvalidasi, menganalisis dan meningkatkan datanya di atas dan di luar standar industri. 
Beberapa fitur canggih yang ada di Platform DATABLOCKCHAIN 

Seperti yang saya jelaskan diatas, DataBlockChain.io menggunakan open source Mesin Cerdas Pengindeks (SIE) untuk mengindeks semua sumber data dan menetapkan skor kepercayaan pada sumbernya. SIE secara konstan memeriksa dan mengevaluasi kembali sumber yang memperbarui skor. 

SIE menggunakan analisis prediktif untuk menciptakan skor yang sesuai. AI dalam SIE mengkuantifikasi masing-masing nilai diskrit untuk membangun analisis kuantitatif yang berkembang. Melalui validasi populasi sampel, komponen kualitatif dibangun untuk melengkapi analisis kuantitatif. SIE secara berkala menjalankan evaluasi kinerja dan menggunakan pengubah kinerja masa lalu untuk mempelajari dan menyesuaikan skor. Algoritme pemberian skor memperhitungkan kecepatan sumber data, usia data, jumlah data yang tersedia, kualitas data berdasarkan metrik sumber, atribut yang tersedia, koherensi dengan sumber data lain dan validasi populasi sampel . Sumber data dengan skor yang lebih tinggi menerima perlakuan khusus selama parameter kueri diamati. SIE terhubung ke sumber data menggunakan oracle Blockchain cerdas yang disebut DBCOracles (berdasarkan Chainlink / Oraclize). Kontrak Cerdas yang dihasilkan oleh DataBlockChain.io berisi penanda DBCOracle untuk penelusuran penuh. 

DataBlockChain.io menggunakan Ethereum Blockchain dan Kontrak Cerdas untuk semua transaksi dan pembayaran. Blockchain adalah database transaksi aman buku besar yang dibagikan di seluruh jaringan komputer terdistribusi. Blockchain menggunakan kriptografi state-of-the-art 2untuk menjaga transaksi aman. Buku besar menyimpan catatan abadi dan tidak dapat diretas. Blockchain menambah kepercayaan di seluruh transaksi. 

Ethereum Blockchain memberdayakan DataBlockChain.io untuk membuat kontrak pembayaran yang rumit ke berbagai sumber data. DataBlockChain.io mendukung Kontrak Cerdas untuk transaksi, pembayaran, dan audit. Hal ini memperkenankan sumber data yang ada untuk memiliki kepercayaan penuh dalam transaksi dan pembayaran. Riwayat transaksional termasuk sumber data yang digunakan, catatan yang diperoleh dari masing-masing sumber, dan pembayaran yang dilakukan untuk sumber data ini. Setiap Transaksi dapat diaudit. Protokol Blockchain membuat transaksi ini transparan, tidak berubah, dan dapat diverifikasi. 

Proses saat ini untuk menggunakan token utilitas sangat kompleks dan tidak muda digunakan, sehingga membatasi potensial penggunaannya. 

Pengguna akan memerlukan beberapa dompet dan pemahaman teknis Pertukaran, Ethereum, Dompet, dan Pertukaran Token. Prosesnya rumit dan kompleks. Langkah-langkahnya meliputi: 
  1. Membuat dompet Ether yang memiliki akses ke jaringan utama Ethereum. (hal ini adalah proses kompleks yang melibatkan banyak langkah dan pemahaman tentang Kunci Pribadi dan Publik) 
  2. Menggunakan pertukaran untuk membeli Ether yang disimpan di dompet pertukaran. (Beberapa pertukaran memungkinkan Fiat untuk membeli Ether tetapi yang lain mengharuskan Anda membeli BTC secara terpisah dan kemudian mengonversikan BTC ke ETH) 
  3. Mentransfer Ether dari dompet pertukaran ke dompet pengguna. (Membutuhkan pemahaman tentang alamat dompet dan biaya pertukaran) 
  4. Menemukan Penjualan Token untuk DBCCoin dan transfer ETH menggunakan Kontrak Cerdas untuk ditukar dengan DBCCoin. (Membutuhkan pemahaman tentang Kontrak Cerdas, Gas, Wei, dan Hash Transaksi) 
  5. Gunakan DBCCoin untuk pembelian dengan mengirimkan DBCCoin ke alamat transaksi.... 
DBCCoin adalah Token ERC-20 (dengan fungsi ERC-677) yang diimplementasikan pada blockchain Ethereum. DataBlockChain.io menggunakan Kontrak Cerdas yang ditulis dalam Soliditas pada transaksi, audit, dan pembayaran. Token DBCCoin akan digunakan untuk transaksi di DataBlockChain.io dan digunakan untuk membayar Penyedia Data. Token DBCCoin juga akan berfungsi sebagai alat pemasaran penting untuk DataBlockChain.io karena akan berfungsi sebagai dasar Program Imbalan serta memberi insentif kepada mitra melalui Program Promosi. Fungsionalitas ini akan sepenuhnya didukung dalam Kontrak Cerdas menggunakan Soliditas. 

DATABLOCKCHIAN akan melakukan ICO untuk menjual token DBCCoin, jika kalian berminat kalian bisa melihat detailnya dibawah ini.

Detail TOKEN 

Total Token Dibuat: 870MM 
Total Token Yang Dijual: 522 MM (60%) 
Pembelian Minimal pada Pra-Penjualan: 1 ETH 
Pembelian Minimal pada Penjualan Publik: 0,1 ETH 
Semua Token yang Tidak Laku akan dihanguskan 
Soft Cap: $ 10 Juta | Hard Cap: $ 50 Juta 

untuk informasi terbaru tentang proyek DATABLOCKCHAIN kalian bisa mengunjungi salah satu link dibawah ini :

Penulis : kidbounty
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Ubex Platform Periklanan berbasis blockchain

Blockchain adalah sebuah teknologi yang akan terus di dikembangakan. Banyak teknologi – teknologi baru yang dihasilkan dari jaringan blockchain. Alasan utama mengapa blockchain menjadi populer saat ini adalah sifatnya yang desentralisasi, transparan dan tidak bisa diubah atau dimanipulasi. Banyak perusahaan – perusahaan yang berlomba untuk mengintegrasikan platform mereka dengan jaringan blockchain. Seperti halnya proyek yang akan kita bahas kali ini yaitu Ubex.  Proyek ini adalah proyek pertukaran iklan terdesentralisasi yang bersifat global dan bebas, di mana perusahaan beriklan secara efektif ,tepat dan jelas. Menciptakan ekosistem periklanan global dengan tingkat kepercayaan yang tinggi dan efisiensi maksimum.Misi ubex ialah menciptakan satu komunitas dunia periklanan yang terkoordinir serta terkontrol secara rapi dan efisien. serta meningkatkan kepercayaan kepada seluruh ekosistem peserta dunia periklanan itu sendiri. Sebelum ubex hadir, sudah banyak agensi atau perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang ini. Tetapi semuanya masih memakai teknologi yang sudah usang. Banyak kecurangan yang dihasilkan dari teknologi ini. Tetapi dengan adanya blockchain semua orang akan bisa mendapatkan keutungan mulai dari perusahaan yang beriklan dan seluruh kontribor yang bekerja di dalam paltform ubex.

Iklan digital menjadi sebuah tren positif yang terus berkembang dengan segala kelebihannya. Banyak perusahaan yang beriklan dengan metode ini. Karena saat ini hampir seluruh penduduk dunia lebih banyak menghabiskan waktu mereka di internet. Walaupun bisnis periklanan ini sangat penguntungkan, Ada banyak masalah yang terjadi di dunia periklanan, Permasalahan umum yang sering ditemui antara lain adalah penipun iklan per-klik (PPC). Penerbit akan memposting iklan berdasarkan berapa banyak pengunjung ke situs yang mengklik iklan. Ubex memecahkan masalah penipuan dengan cara menerapkan teknologi blockchain dan model bayar per action. Selain itu, teknologi yang digunakan juga bisa melacak tindakan berbeda. Termasuk pendaftaran, meninggalkan informasi kontak, dan melacak pembelian produk. Tidak hanya itu ubex juga memiliki strategi untuk membuat dunia periklanan menjadi lebih baik.

Berikut adalah Teknik dan Strategi ubex untuk membuat industri periklanan global menjadi lebih baik
  1. secara otomatis di tayangkan pada situs atau web dimana para peserta pengiklanan meminta untuk di tayangkan dengan sistem yang relevan pada waktu dan pengguna tertentu secara maximal
  2. Tanpa perantara atau secara langsung antara penerbit dengan pihak peminta periklanan agar dapat meminimalis biaya pemasaran serta efisiensi kerja
  3. Menganalisa secara sistematis situs peserta periklanan agar dapat mengoptimalkan pemasaran serta mendapatkan reputasi yang sangat baik
  4. Diterapkan sistem multi level pada semua peserta periklanan dan akan di simpan dalam sistem blockchain semua riwayat agar dapat memantau mitra yang sangat aktip dan terpercaya untuk menghindari tindak penipuan dan penyalahgunaan penayangan iklan

Platform Ubex secara signifikan mampu mengurangi komisi dengan cara menyingkirkan perantara. Menghapus tautan tidak langsung antara pengiklan dan penerbit dengan menerapkan kontrak cerdas untuk semua jenis pelacakan. Dengan cara ini, penghasilan dari penerbit bisa dimaksimalkan karena tidak ada pihak ketiga yang mengambil keuntungan dari penayangan iklan. Sistem ini juga akan memberi peluang kepada penayang untuk mengotentasikan slot iklan menggunakan semua statistik yang tersedia. Dan peserta iklan dalam pertukaran ini akan memberikan perkiraan potensi penghasilan, peluang untuk mengumpulkannya terlebih dahulu jika reputasi cukup tinggi. Platform juga dibangun dengan sistem multi-layer dari rating reputasi peserta. Atau dengan kata lain menerapkan peringkat iklan dan penerbit, dimana data akan disimpan dalam blockchain bersama dengan informasi lengkapnya. Hal ini ditujukan untuk mencegah penipuan dan memungkinkan mekanisme untuk menangani mitra terpercaya. Diperkirakan, platform Ubex bisa mengubah industri pemasaran digital global. Ditahun lalu, industri iklan telah meraup penghasilan sekitar lebih dari 225 milyar dolar AS. Angka ini akan terus bertambah hingga sekitarr 335 milyar dolar AS pada tahun 2020. Teknologi blockchain dianggap sangat berpotensi untuk menyelesaikan berbeagai masalah yang sering muncul dalam periklanan. Ubex memanfaatkan teknologi blockchain unik dan kecerdasan buatan. Semua ini sebagai solusi inovatif untuk pengiklan, penerbit, dan konsumen akan merasa nyaman dengan kehadiran teknologi terkini. Platform Ubex dibangun dengan menggunakan pendekatan terprogram untuk data pengguna, serta digunakan untuk meningkatkan penargetan. Peningkatan penargetan berdasarkan demografi yang memungkinkan pengiklan membeli slot demografi, dan bukan situs web.
Ubex memiliki sistem ADAM (Advanced Decentralized Advertising Marketing) sistem ini akan bekerja dan bertangung jawab untuk menggambil keputusan dalam menampikan materi iklan. Langkah keputusan ini sebelumnya sudah disimpan dalam blockchain serta pada data model jaringan syaraf yang tersimpan secara internal. Iklan digital yang telah dibuat sebenarnya memiliki ekosistem dimana didalamnya terdapat pengiklan, penerbit dan pengunjung. Mereka akan menjadi subsistem dalam teknologi Ubex. Pengiklan disini akan menjadi konsumen dimana mereka dituntut untuk mendaftar dan mempromosikan sistem asuransi. Proses pendaftaran memiliki entitas koresponden yang ada dalam Smartcontract Ethereum blockchain. Pengiklan akan membuat manajemen penawaran yang dibuat atau parameter yang akan disimpan dalam Smart-Contract dari Ethereum.

Ubex menggunkan sistem terdesentralisasi, pengiklan dapat mendaftar di setiap situs mitra yang merupakan anggota jaringan pertukaran Ubex. Hubungan dengan pembuat iklan atau pengiklan untuk selanjutnya adalah penerbit. Ekosistem Ubex penerbit nantinya dapat mulai bekerja di situs web penerbit segera setelah penerbit mendaftar, melewati prosedur KYC dan menambahkan ruang penempatan. Untuk mencapai hasil yang lebih baik, penerbit dapat mengintegrasikan layanan pelacakan pertukaran, sehingga memberikan statistik diperpanjang untuk pengunjung mereka. Input data ini akan ditambahkan ke blockchain sebagai penyimpanan data sistem utama.

Untuk pengunjung adalah sebagai penyeimbang dalam pelacakan, Peran penyeimbang ini adalah untuk mengalihkan permintaan pengunjung ke salah satu dari ratusan contoh layanan mikro pelacakan (pelacak). Pelacak bertanggung jawab untuk pemrosesan manajemen atas permintaan pengunjung, termasuk, namun tidak terbatas pada, mengumpulkan data pengunjung, interaksi dengan node jaringan syaraf, menyimpan hasil awal, mentransfer data ke dan dari instance penyaji dan menanggapi pengunjung dengan widget periklanan terakhir. Pertukaran Ubex akan mengoperasikan puluhan node pengambilan keputusan otomatis dari jaringan saraf (DSP – Demand Side Platform). Ada beberapa analisis dalam sistem DSP ini yaitu :
  • DSP-1 Analisis Perilaku dimana DSP menerima dari pelacak puluhan parameter di tahap input, termasuk data penerbit, data penempatan penempatan, data pengunjung saat ini, data diperpanjang dari pengguna yang berwenang dalam kasus integrasi, dan riwayat pemasaran pengguna saat ini.
  • DSP-2 Pilihan Penawaran. DSP-2 harus memilih daftar calon potensial, seperti materi iklan dan widget yang berpotensi menarik bagi pengunjung.
  • DSP-3 Keputusan akhir Pada tahap input, DSP-3 berikutnya menerima semua parameter yang dikumpulkan oleh pelacak pada permintaan saat ini dan memilih satu (dan hanya satu) dari bahan yang dipilih pada langkah sebelumnya. Data statistik diurai oleh pelacak dan disediakan untuk DSP-3 untuk analisis.

Sebagai bagian dari sistem, ribuan DSP akan melakukan estimasi regresif dari indikator kualitatif atau kuantitatif untuk kepatuhan dengan hasil tertentu. Setiap DSP adalah jaringan saraf. 
Seperti proyek lain Ubex juga akan melakukan penjualan token untuk mengumpulkan pendanaan. Yang akan digunakan untuk pengembangakan platform mereka. jika kalian tertarik dengan proyek ini kalian bisa melihat detail penjualan tokennya dibawah ini :

  • Tanggal: 21/05/2018 14: 00GMT – 13/ 08/2018 14: 00GMT
  • Token Standard: Ethereum ERC20
  • Nama Token : UBEX
  • Soft Cap: 4.000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 24.000 ETH
  • Harga 1 UBEX Token: 0,00001 ETH
  • Minimal  / Maksimal kepemilikan setiap orang: 0,01 ETH (atau setara) / tanpa batas
  • Metode pembayaran yang diterima: BTC, ETH, LTC

 untuk mengetahui informasi terbaru kalian bisa mengunjungi salah satu link dibawah ini : 
 Penulis : Kidbounty

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